hybrid solid state amps

i would appreciate the names and models of companies which manufacturer hybrid ss amps. i am aware of two, vincent and moscode.

once i have the list i will try to listen to as many as i can.

the only restriction is retail price at $8000 or less , new, and weight below 80 pounds.

Monarchy Audio has some, the 100, 160, and 250, that feature a 6DJ8 in the frontends.

Blue Circle

White Audio Labs / Llano (trinity line) out of business

Conrad Johnson made one. It was pretty big.
Van Alstine's FET Valve amps. Well built, relatively inexpensive, very good sound, great service:


I owned the FET Valve Ultra 550 for a while before I went all tube.
I believe conrad johnson still makes one.. Here is the link ..http://www.conradjohnson.com/It_just_sounds_right/et250_met150.html

ButlerAudio.com - outstanding Tube/MOSFET amps. I have their TDB-5150 and it is real peach of an amp. Cruise over to their website and read about them and their revolutionary circuitry...

6 Moons did a very favorable review.

Pathos amps use a tube front end and ss output stage. Don't know about their size and cost, though.

I assume you mean power amps, but the Pathos Classic One integrated fits your bill, too.

Musical Design

LSA designs is another. I have heard a few and the Moscode is a lovely amp, but not that cheap. Pathos make few, from the Classic to the TT, which was known as the Twin Towers, the Logos, Inpol, all integrated, right up to the Incontrol monoblocks.
I have the Inpol and it truly is a wonderful amp, 50 watts of Class A power, refined detailed, tonally rich. I can't really make any complaints at all. It is more than your price limit, but within it, second hand. If you can manage with 35watts, the TT is great too. The logos is Class A/B and to my ears, markedly inferior to the Class A amps.
There is also the Aesthetix Atlas. All of the reviews have been favorable and it's a great sounding amp.

Good Luck!
Unison Research (Italy) also does some interesting hybrid products at and well below your budget.

For your budget you may be able to find a second hand AMR AM-77 which is a hybrid from the UK.
And if you only feel like taking a punt on a lower cost Vincent (similar to the SV-236 but not the same) you could always consider the Sheng Ya A10CS . It sounds great for the money.
The Blue Circle 200 series are great hybrid amps. The BC202 would fit in your price range. I personally own the BC206 and BC208. The designer, Gilbert Yeung, is easy to work with and will customize the units to your preferences including their costmetics.

there is another hybrid to consider.

the aria wt 100, designed by mike elliot of counterpoint fame.
Aria WT100 is a good choice. I have a NP100 with the Platinum upgrade, which is supposed to be very close to the Aria WT100. I have it voiced to sound like a SET amp. a very good amp IMO....
The Monarchy SE-100 is NOT hybrid; sorry. I've just ordered two SE-160s, but they won't be here for a couple weeks.
Don't discount the Vincent just because of the money!! I have a 331 Vincent that drives a pair of B&W 802s and it sounds terrific. 150 per channel and 8 ohm, and if you have the room and the need, you could always get two and go mono. I think you will be surprised.
i too, am looking for hybrid power amps. i discover JE audio and Aesthetix are another 2 brands.
Can anyone suggest other hybrid amp that do not have negative feedback loop in circuits? meaning no global and no local feedback...