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How to judge an amplifier's performance with a "powered-woofer" speaker?
I've had a few speakers with powered bass and a few without, and weirdly it was easy to tell amp changes on the powered guys. Even though they don't have a load on the low end of the spectrum, the amp still typically contributes down to 80hz, mayb... 
Speaker upgrade around 100k retail
I have really enjoyed the Tidals when I have heard them, but I've only ever heard them on an all Tidal system. It would be interesting to hear what they sound like with different gear (and you've got some top-notch stuff! to try them with!). 
Whats playing on your system today?
Pantera - Far Beyond Driven Unbelievable riffs even after all this time. 
Legacy Aeris vs Tekton Ulfberht vs Triton Reference
Glad I was able to provide some insights. Even before covid it was hard to be able to audition stuff, and of course it has only gotten worse. Sometimes reading and forums are about the only research you can do!I sit pretty far field from the Aeris... 
Legacy Aeris vs Tekton Ulfberht vs Triton Reference
I can share my experience. I have the Aeris with Wavelet and have heard the DIs a couple of times since then. The DIs are really impressive given their price, so I have to imagine that moving up the line that the quality gets even better. The Aeri... 
Quality Rock/Pop CD recordings
Probably a little heavier than what you want but Rage Against the Machine's debut album (self titled) has "Killing In the Name Of" and is easily one of the most dynamic tracks out there. It'll scare your neighbors on a good system. 
3 Albums To Be Stranded With On A Desert Island
Great question!1. 100% agree with Ozzy62 on Alice in Chains Unplugged.2. Pearl Jam - Vs.3.  Radiohead - OKComputer 
XLR cable with warmth without losing resolution
Cardas Clear sky or higher will fit what you are after! Very musical cables all around.  
Monster Regret!!
Lots of good info on here to consider. I had an AVS2000 for a long time and thought it worked best on the front end equipment and and video gear I placed on it. I did not like it as well on the main amps but also thought it performed well on the s... 
Shipping Help
You can always try uShip and see about getting them packed and shipped directly. I have had luck with that site in the past and was able to select someone who actually had experience (and references) moving large expensive gear in the past. 
Full Range speakers for a living space
dweller is right, you are describing Legacy speakers. I listen to the same stuff you do (and maybe even further off the beaten path into Norwegian metal every now and again) and the Legacy Aeris have been great. For your budget you can get a used ... 
Townshend Audio Podiums - current owners opinion on the merits of this product
I have a pair under Legacy Aeris speakers and think the Townshend's have many positive attributes. Most dramatically, they cleaned up boomy bass - or resonant bass, which had the audible effect of making the mids and highs clearer. I also feel due... 
Do audiophiles have a high divorce rate?
14 years + for me! The only rules are that I have to make the system easy enough to use so that she can enjoy it if I am not around :) 
Aurender VS Innuos
I hate to muddy things but have a Zenith MKII by Innuos and am very pleased by the sound, and I haven't had any issues with using it. In fact, the one or two questions I have had along the way were answered very promptly by Innuos. To my ears, the... 
Surge protector vs wall debate for amps
You are right, there are a ton of posts that will advocate for either option. I say go with your ears. One option to keep in mind - you can always add an insurance rider for electronics if you end up going directly to the wall and a surge happens....