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Phoenix, AZ
The Arizona Audio Video Club will feature a new conrad-johnson Classic 60 SE poweramp* and my much-improved MET1, 6-channel, tubed preamp at its regular monthly meeting on January 27th, 7PM, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Phoenix. Source equipment... 
Saint-Saens: Symphony No. 3 "Organ" surround?
You betcha--this one.http://www.sa-cd.net/showtitle/3740http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000F7MJDE/?tag=sacdinfocom-20It's excellent overall.. 
Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications
WOW would I NEVER listen to this dealer again. The '105 is one of the best-sounding SACD players money can buy and is maybe a quarter of the average price of the other SACD players that MIGHT be its equal. It uses the best DACs that money can buy.... 
Vandersteen 5Aa Carbon--any 5a owner's opinions?
Jafant, lots of Vandersteen info on http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?board=194.0. 
Vandersteen 5Aa Carbon--any 5a owner's opinions?
Sonofjim, TY for restarting this.After almost 2 years, I love these 5As more than ever. I've improved one trio of bypass caps in the very complicated crossovers, replacing one pair of Dynamicaps with MultiCap TRXs pypassed with small SoniCap Plati... 
Oppo BDP 95 vs BDP 105...
Another review has just been published.http://www.hometheater.com/content/oppo-bdp-105-blu-ray-3d-player. 
Oppo BDP 95 vs BDP 105...
I too am interested in this.You might start here.http://www.hometheater.com/content/oppo-bdp-105-blu-ray-3d-player. 
dc10audio use Duelund CAST capacitor ?
.Irish65, I'd love to see some pics of Dueland and other caps. Could you e-mail them to jeffreybehr(at)cox(dot)net?. 
SACD vs Regular CD's
.I LOVE SACDs and buy little else. Beside the fact that I love multichannel sound for large-scale Classical music, SACDs, including those mastered in analog, are significantly higher in transparency...clarity...than CDs. AND...the more transparent... 
"Sound is DARK / FORWARD / TRANSPARENT? Please help define above terms... And others like BASS IS TIGHT"These terms are fairly common and accepted.Dark--seriously...the opposite of bright, which means too much treble energy. So 'dark' is not enoug... 
Csontos: "This is why I never liked being pigeon-holed as an audiophile. Nor do I describe myself as such."And yet you hand around here.. 
On High Current Amps and Regenerators
Bo1972: "They have one thing in common, at the end they sls it again." What does 'sls it again' mean?"Wenn I ask them why: they were not convinced enough." When you ASK them, they're weren't convinced? How does asking CONVINCE?. 
Power Cords - Just Say Yes
Lacee: "It's when you add all the little "can't make a difference" tweaks together that you start to notice what's going on."I argee heartily with that. I'm no Golden-Eared Audiofile, able to hear subtle differences instantly. I can and do hear, f... 
Why will 4k/8k matter?
The bleeding edge of audio and video performance is pursued by folk with LOTS of money to spend on these things. That does NOT include me. I too am plenty happy with my 8-foot-wide (wide, not diagonal) Panavision-ratio screen, Epson 8700UB PJ, and... 
Can anyone explain cable risers?