How often do you get a chance to see live music

How often are you able to get out and see live music weather it be local bands or large concerts? I do not always get out to see big concerts as often as I would like but I try to see local bands as often as possble.
I went to see a band just last Saturday for the first time in decades. Thought I should give it a shot. The first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of old farts there. Then I thought, yeah, I'm an old fart. Then the band played, and I found the acoustics of the theatre sucked, and that the band played way, way too loud. Then the jerks behind me were drunk and talked about the ornate plaster in the theatre, and women, so I had to move. Alcohol was served that evening. When the band played some nice bluesy tunes and there were some quieter moments, I could hear couples yakkin' and laughing who weren't even there to listen to the band! They were having a blast without paying any attention to the band, or the fact that they were being very rude to the folks like me that wanted to hear the music. They should have went to a club or something to have their night of fun.
The experience was OK, but with the drunks, the rude people, and the volume, I got a headache and left early. I found that my stereo sounded much more rewarding. If I do go to hear another band, there will be no alcohol, a better, smaller venue, and maybe unamplified. That combination may never materialize.
I attend live music about 4Xs per month as in Seattle we have several jazz and blues clubs which are higher end establishments avoiding the drunken, loud inattentive blokes described by the previous respondant. Also, several festivals such as the Django Reinhardt festival on Whidbey Island.
Yes listening to live music can be a positive experience if the performances are in the right venue and the people who attend are polite and respect the music as well (rather than being loud and annoying).
That's why stereo's shouldn't sound like live you are there. That's what the studio is for. Hardly any bands sound like they are in the studio when they play live. It's great when they do but it doesn't happen very often.
The only live events I have gone to in 20+ years that did NOT suck were a piano recital in a private large room. And a String quartet in a medium size room.
Every 'amplified' concert was TOO LOUD TOO LOUD TOO LOUD to be listenable. (Just like theaters and movies.. too loud!)
If I go to an amplified event, I bring earplugs.. That sucks.
At least monthly, often several times in a month, and I jave enjoyed every one of them except one, where a row of drunk males spoiled it so I left. That one was Tom Petty.
Several times per year. I try to go to just small venues (bars) and theatres any more, and I always bring earplugs (hi, my name is Dan, and I'm an old fart). For the life of me I don't know why acoustic bands at small venues amplify. Even if its just one guy and acoustic guitar. I'd bet that if they didn't amplify, the crowd would quiet down considerably. I recently caught Francine Reed at a beautiful outdoor facility near Atlanta. The band wasn't too loud (for once), but she was horribly miced! Her voice pierced my ears all night long. I wouldn't had known it was even her singing save for seeing her on stage. The whole experience was completely ruined by (poor) amplification. I crabbed about it during the show and all the way home. Everyone else there near me and in the car told me I ruined their night by yapping about it. They all thought it was a great show and I was just a crabby old fart. (I am, but that's not the point.)
I left NYC about 10 years ago. I used to live a block from the Bottom Line and got to catch a show there every week or two. Also made it to several other nearby venues pretty frequently. That was then.

Now, I live just outside LA and we have a club here that programs for a suburban audience. The result is a little heavy on the '80s, but when they go further back some great acts pop up. Maybe four to six shows a year, and I'll make it to half of those. McCabes in Santa Monica regularly programs top shelf guitar talent for mostly acoustic shows and I attend quarterly (ish). I also see a show in Vegas about once a year. Jazz a few times a year at local clubs, too. I even made it to Staples Center for my first arena show (Fleetweood Mac) in decades.

I still love seeing live music.
Here in Nashville there`s always live music. I catch a show about 2 times week.
Last Thursday, I went to hear a piano recital by Murray Perahia; Saturday I heard the Colorado Symphony and Sunday I heard a vocal recital by Thomas Hampson. That's a little more than usual, but all three were terrific and I wouldn't have wanted to miss any of them. I try to catch the symphony 3-4 times per month. I'm a member of the local folk association and hear great musicians there at least monthly. I used to be a great fan of rock and jazz, but mostly those venues are WAY too loud, and I rarely bother with live shows in those genres.
Well, as long as your asking..
This summer Pablo Cruise & the Beach Boyes were playing locally so my wife & I went to see them. Then the next night The Guess Who & Foreigner were playing at the same outside venue so we went to them also. We're both 53 and it was an enjoyable two nights out. Sure, all four bands barely have any original memebrs and the sound was questionable, but we got out and it was entertaining. And yes there sere drunks, stoners, loud people, obnoxious people, etc. But what the heck, if I wanted peace and quiet I coulda' gone to church. It's all what you make of it and we made the best of "hittin-the-town". Kind of blew our 22 year old daughter away that we can still rock n' roll with the best of them.
springsteen (twice), and u2 (once) in the past month. i also saw willie nile and joe grushecky at the stone pony in asbury park (no, bruce didn't show), and see numerous smaller shows (glenn tillbrook, steve forbert, graham parker, the roches, jackson brown, etc.), in and around nj. i couldn't agree more with elizabeth- at most amplified venues it is much much too LOUD, and i have to wear ear protection to spare my hearing, but i still enjoy seeing (and hearing?) live music. it's easier than ever to see many of my faves from the late 70s (ok, u2- 80s) who are still playing vital music. it's also true that the audiences are looking kinda old!
I used to attend to live concerts, now im planning to go next month to a couple of them. Rock concerts.
When In London (UK, not Canada) lots,lots and more lots, here in Colorado, sadly hardly ever.Colorado is not exactly the nerve center of the music industry is it? When planes go from the East to the West coast they probably empty their latrine
over this mid west part of the US, lol.
Yes I can imagine there were not a lot of live events and concerts to attend in Colorado. But I am not surprised that you were often able to see live music in London.
In my day, once or twice a week. Now more selective--mostly up and coming bands in small venues. With that said, just saw The Crocodiles in NY and will go to the Coachhouse tonight in So Cal. Saw a great new band called the Throwdowns in Maui last month--two hot shows. Used to see 200 shows a year but now need to let the ears rest a little between shows. PS: Went to the doctor and still have perfect hearing. I recommend getting pro grade ear plugs--it has been instrumental for me for over four decades in preserving my hearing.