how much to $pend to claim i am an audiophile?

i am thinking of starting a new hobby. this one seams great! but how much do i have to spend to be able to honestly call myself an audiophile? i saw some grado headphones for about $60 , if i get these can i then make the claim?
You buy those and even if you don't you are an audiophile. I can just tell.
Nope, it's not about the money. Really. It's about the meds you have to take to apply for admission. Of course, the more money you have the better meds you can get.

Relax, it's just a state of mind. Don't worry, be happy.
You don't even need to own a system to be an audiophile (you'll want to though)... I was an audiophile long before I owned my first system.

There are all kinds of audiophiles. Forget the money.

Many only use vintage tube gear from the 60s and 70s. Others only buy the latest megabuck system to keep up the the Audio Jones'. Some even get a kick out of buying used gear and seeing how good a system they can put together for $1,000.

Some go to yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores and pawn shops looking for cool stuff for pennies, including old vinyl LPs.
You need to send $1K to me and I will send you your official audiophile of america membership card and decoder ring, plus a tricked up power cord and a spike coaster. Or you can just email me your cc # and I will let you know when your credit limit ahs been reached. ;~)
To be a genuine audiophile you must have and wear an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie . Without it you are a wanna be.


This is the latest audiophile "must have"


Paul :-)
thanks for all the responses my fellow audiophiles.

You don't need to spend a certain amount of money to be an audiophile. One definition of an audiophile might be this: a person who has a strong affinity for stereo equipment that sounds outstanding to THEM, and is willing to spend what "normal" people consider to be an excessive amount of money to get it. Usually that person will have been co-opted into the hobby as a teenager, during a visit to an audio store, listening to a high end "reference" system that has been properly set up. A pitfall is that this hobby can (an often does) become an obsession. It's a mistake to equate the price of gear with sound or build quality. Although there's a strong correlation, it is far from perfect. That fact becomes apparent over years of listening to different systems, some of which sound surprisingly great for the price and some of which sound surprisingly rotten for the price. Personally, I think that just throwing money at a system without using one's ears and brain is idiotic. Although the price GENERALLY correlates with quality, there are enough exceptions to make that rule dangerous to follow blindly.

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion in response to your question, it is this: Don't get overfocused on the price tag as "qualifying" you as an audiophile. Only your ears, brain and heart can qualify you as an audiophile. It's a self-appointed status. Welcome to the club.
Great answers!I also believe its a state of mind!I was an audiophile wayy before i knew what one was!Def. not about how much you spend,,,,Welcome to A,gon!Always trustYOUR ears!Ray
Jetguy I hereby proclaim you an audiophile! Email me and I'll give you instructions on where to send you first year dues and get your address to mail your decoder ring. Welcome aboard!
Swampwalker my apologies, beleive it or not I actually didn't even read your post. Great minds you know?
Don't let these scam artists con you out of your coin dude. Without the secret
handshake you'll be laughed right out of the next meeting. The membership
cards, and decoder rings are as easily faked as an E88CCa! But the secret
handshake is the one surefire way to recognize a brother (or sister) among a
crowd. You need to go through an initiation rite at a local chapter. Bring a
few LP's (some Audiophile approved CD's will do fine - something by Eva
Cassidy, or anything the forums when in doubt), a freshly killed
chicken, a blindfold, and those Grados you are talking about buying. Don't
worry, they'll supply the hand cuffs and leather studded g-string. You should
check ahead if someone's already bringing some Krispy Kreams, otherwise
you may want to pick up three dozen on the way there. By the end of the
evening you could be one of us. May your ears be with you my


PS I've had the opportunity to post this at least once before. From Merriam-
Webster, in case that makes a difference...still go to the meeting and get
yourself initiated or your nuthin but a donut hole!:

Main Entry: au·dio·phile
Pronunciation: 'o-dE-O-"fIl
Function: noun
: a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction
I got my decoder ring from a box of Captain Crunch!
It has nothing to do with money. You will only be an audiophile if you buy those headphones, then stick them in your freezer overnight and claim that they sound much better the next day; more open with smooth upper mids, pin point imaging, and tight clean bass response.

You might want to cryo those decoder rings as well.
No, that is not enough.
However, if you get the phones, put them on spikes, and you can hear a difference, you clearly qualify.
You are an audiophile when the loan officers at your bank greet you by first name, and call to check on you when they don't see you for a few months.
Jond- you right about that, my friend. and welcome to the (Audio) asylum, Jetguy. Oops, wrong web site. Anyways, have fun!!!
Start by becoming an Audiogon member - get a real USERNAME ...

And if you feel like this hobby is triving you nuts - become a member in the Asylum (

Restock's suggestion is a good one. And choose your nick wisely. I didn't, so am stuck with polysyllabic inanity forever.

Anyways, if you love music and audio stuff then you qualify. Love sounds a bit too hubristic of course, perhaps discriminating is more modern? But a - forgive me - etymological note may help to get clear on your question. There are quite a few words incorporating the Greek verb philein, meaning to love, sometimes as prefix, philosophy say, or suffix, for example, anglophile, audiophile or whatever.

About the headphones - if it's the SR-60's considered, you might also want to consider Sennheiser 580's, a bit pricier, or the 600's a lot more so, especially if your tastes swing more to the classical than to rock/pop. For the latter, Grados in general are a good match, but this is just one opinion and no substitute for first-hand listening with familiar music.
Open up your wallet Amigo and you are in ! It is an addiction. Three levels of audiophile Class A, B, or C. Most folks start with Class C. Go to Class A and you are 1/2 way there. Enjoy the music, and see where it will take you. Honestly it is great, "ENJOY".
If you've ever judged the price of a restaurant meal by how many CD's it costs, you're an audiophile.

If you've ever been able to hear the difference between two sound systems, and cared that there was a difference, you're an audiophile.

If you've ever wanted to spend more money than you make in a week (or month or year) on anything audio-related, you're an audiophile.

If you've ever considered selling blood (or other bodily fluids) to pay for anything audio-related, you're an audiophile.

If you've ever turned off the car radio or boombox because it didn't sound right, you're an audiophile.

If you ever listened anyway even though you could tell it didn't sound right, you're an audiophile.

If you even know what Grado headphones are, you're an audiophile.

If you've ever started or replied to a thread on Audiogon, you're an audiophile.
I believe the cost is the dues to a "AUDIOPHILE SOCIETY".

Then you can assure others that "THEY" have accepted you as an audiophile, and, who could know better than them?

News travels fast, start reading will have a lot of questions to answer as you become "the go to guy" with the answer.

P.S....a crash course on OPINIONS is a good thing.

Hey does anyone remember the old subscription ads in Listener magazine that promised a "real audiophile decoder ring" if you sent in your payment? That used to always crack me up!
How much do you spend to be a musician. A composer.? a painter, a chef. Nothing to do with money. If I were to sculpt bust of you in butter or ice. If I were to make a perfect 3d life size copy of a horse on a beach(sand) somewhere . Where does the technique or art need money.

Hi-fi is a guy who can walk into a room with his ears and tune it. Audiophiles need a tech and tools. Buying a $$$ does not qualify as an audiophile. It is just a purchase.

To be a true audiophile, you also need to be "hazed", by wearing those headphones out in public for a day, listening to your Ipod.

Then, and only then, will you become a member of our secret society and become privileged to be taught our secret handshake and chant.

I know it's difficult to appreciate now, but Marco is taking great risk in revealing that a secret audiophile handshake even exists. Suffice it to say, that you must put in time, effort and some cash before the handshake will be revealed to you. You'll have to prove yourself to us you belong. One thing though. If you ever see a dumpy looking loser walking around with a brown thumb, this person is an audiophile.
You misunderstand the issue. It's not you whose status is called into question. Everyone who has a system is an Audiophile.

The real issue is, anyone who spent less than you is mid-fi, at best, and anyone who spent even $1 more is a tone deaf idiot with nothing but money to burn, who cares nothing about the quality of the sound, but wants to be recognized as being 'the in crowd!'
Dr R.C. Brockhaus

Great link Slikric3000!

I have a lot of money in music and equipment and love great sound but don't claim to be an audiophile.
You are an audiophile when your friends just roll their eyes when you you say for the 6th time in a year "I'm really done this time".

You know that you're an audiophile when you can look in the mirror and say out loud "My name is Jack, I'm an audiophile, and I'm powerless over my disease.
Ask not how much you need to spend but rather, how much have you got? Think black hole sucking money!
to answer your question about the grado head phones,yes but only if you listen to patricia barber on them thru a tube amp.
An audiophile is a person who spends exorbitant sums of money on hype and then discovers it's not about what others think but rather what one hears.
It's a bit like buying a boat isn't it? Been There! My audiophile buddy has $100K in his system. But he readily admits there is a bit of ego in there. He is advising me on the initial system set-up - I will be in there for about $15 - 20K He's a friend and his advice has been good. Maggies, Bryston, not sure yet on the processor, cables, etc.