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I think it is time to retire
That's a tough one to call. I've seen bands the last few years that are a 'lite' version of what they once were, but I don't know if I'd say they should retire. I would agree with 'the stones' they should have retired back inb the 70's when keith ... 
My friends... blind followers of this Audio Guru
Funny coincidence that the guru always has the best, and everything else is junk. Starting to sound like... never mind. 
The Isolator: the latest rip-off?
People who have not auditioned a product should not be allowed to condemn it. Most polymers do not look as if they have any special attributes, but they are designed to perform a certain function.Judging a book by its cover can be a waste of every... 
what is the purpose of a stereo system ?
Onhwy61 I gotta get a system like yours! 
RB 300 VTA Tracking
There is no VTA adjustment of the Rega so you need either to buy one from a couple of companies who make them or put spacers under the armboard (depending on the armboard used) or under the arm itself. This is one real complaint I had about their ... 
How often do you replace your belt?
Generally speaking belts are inexpensive, if you have reason to believe that yours needs to be replaced, get one and then tell us if you really needed it! I just buy a new TT when the belt gets worn! : ) 
i want a dull, caramel colored cd player any ideas
Cruz, the problem with blankets (I've tried) is they might work great for the midrange, but they'd be too heavy for the for the treble and to light for the bass. I tried some blankets that were alpaca & cotton blends and they tended too wooly ... 
i want a dull, caramel colored cd player any ideas
Maybe you could try down grading your cables since everyone knows cables are the most important part of the system, and change the sound more than anything else!~ 
Adjusting tt speed on the cheap:any tricks?
If you want something a little more 'scientific' get the Cardas LP which is great for set up and break-in and also has a device for setting speed with a regular lightbulb. You should have this LP anyway, the speed control is just a bonus. 
Review: Aragon 8008 BB Amplifier
I see what yer saying. I blew a fuse, but it wasn't nearly as complicated as what you did. 
Review: Aragon 8008 BB Amplifier
Zar, you paid $150.00 to have the fuse replaced? You could do it yourself for less than $3.00. The fuse is right under the lid. Make sure you are being EXTREMELY careful, but there really is little danger of hurting yourself. Remove the lid, repla... 
Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP
I checked last night and the set says '97 Vinyl Pink Floyd.' I have only seen it one other time on Ebay so maybe it's not very common, but if you can get yer grubby little mits on it, I would suggest buying it! 
Silver vs Copper cables
I would agree with some of what everyone has said, especially Dean!I don't think it is that easy to attribute sonic characteristics to a particular metal. I have had silver cables that were bright and etched, and ultimately undesirable. So I repla... 
Need some tips
If you liked it that much it must be worth it! 
Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP
I have not been ignoring this question, I just haven't thought to look when I was at home. I even spent some time listening last night, and totally forgot to check. The boxset has the original covers, but also has a sticker in the center of each c...