How much are your speakers toed in?

Just curious how much the majority of listeners have their speakers toed in. More than 45 degrees, or closer to straight out?
My Dyn C1's are toed in approx 5 degrees. Straight out is good but a little too wide of a soundstage for my tastes (almost like having 2 soundstages).
my speakers are toed out.
Dynaudio Contour 1.4s 27 degrees toe in.
Zero degrees - straight forward. I have always preferred this position but with my current speakers it makes little difference as they sound the same over a broad range of angles unless you get too close or put them too near a wall... in which toe in may become essential.
Mine are toed in to the extreme, which seems to throw most audiophiles off. I find it's the only way most speakers can present a convincing soundstage.
No more than 4.239 degrees
My speakers are 8 inches wide. There is a 5/8 inch difference in the distance to the back from the speaker's outer edge, one side to the other. Who can do the math and tell me the toe in angle?
Lines through the center of the tops of my Wilson Sophias meet 6'6"behind my ears. The speakers are 8'apart and my ears are 12' from the tweeters. Aprox. 10 degrees toe in.
13 degrees. Wilson Audio Witt. Speakers approximately 10 feet apart, center to center. Listening chair approximately 10 feet from each speaker.
Dunlavys do best with the speakers aimed precisely at the center point of your listening position. They can also be (and is often the case) placed fairly wide apart. These speakers are extremely directional which makes for the most amazing soundstage albeit a narrow 'sweet seat'. Dunlavys by design take much of the negative effects out of the listening room as long as the overall volume is sufficient.
So they cross slightly in front of my listening position.
With my Spendor sp 1/2e's, I had them toed in directly at me, so I could just see the inside edge of the speaker and the cross section was just behind my head. I had them as far apart as I could at about 8-9 feet, I was 9 ft back. My new Vandersteen 3a's are, according the set up manual, not supposed to be toed in at all. I found this to give a very unnatural soundstage, and the detail suffered. I toe them in directly, just like the spendors. I had read that a direct toe-in involves the room less. But I still play with them from time to time.
Have Loved the sound from my speakers (Revel Ultima Saloons) toed in just a wee bit... approx 15 degrees. Loved the deep soundstage, relaxed yet detailed presentation.

Have recently been experimenting with a sharp toe-in pointing to my ears at the listening position, in an attempt to get a more forward and 'hotter' presentation.

The increased toe in does make the sound more forward, but I think I will go back to the original ( 15 deg ) toe in.

If my calculations are correct, your speakers are toed in 4.47 degrees. :)

My Usher X718 have moderate toe-in-about 15 degrees. It provides a stable center and wide soundstage
My speakers had an unfortunate accident with a lawnmower, and therefore have no toes. :-(
How much are they stubbed in then??
I found this interesting but was unsure about the safety of disconnecting live IC's, even if muted. I used my balance control instead. I have my Kithara's facing straight ahead.
Well Thanks for this thread, it got me thinking and moving them around again. I think I have found a new position for them, with only slight toe-in. After I changed my preamp, I didn't try the speakers in different positions, I guess you should re-evaluate these things when you change one thing in your system?
Thanks for the great link!
I have Magnepan 20Rs which are 6' out from the front wall in a 16' wide L shaped and vaulted ceiling living room with 6' 6'' between them measured from their inside edges. My listening position is 13' back with an additional 6 feet to the rear wall. I have them toed in with a line from the speakers center crossing at my listening position. This works very will when I have the ribbon tweeters on the inside. With the speakers wswitched so the tweeters are on the outside I have to toe them in more to avoid a hole in the center. Curious with anyone else's experience with the best tweeter position ie inside or outside.