How do you dress your cables?

I'm wondering if anyone has found any particular way to handle excess power cable length. Do you find coiling them is any better than "S"ing them? Or just let them lie in a heap for that matter? If coiling or "S"ing, do you use twist ties or anything to hold them together?
I'm concerned about creating magnetic fields or RF interference by their layout.
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I suspend my power cords from plastic hooks that are attached to the wall with damage free adhesive strips. A rubber band is used to suspend the power cord from the hook. This method isolates the power cord from vibration structural vibration and from other cables.
my sole concern is creating too much stress on cables, any cable, especially where wire has a junction with plugs or connectors. my other pet peeve is separating cable runs as much as possible, so that when i have to change something, i am not pulling on 3 other cables along with the one i am removing.
If there is a company that sells flexible (yet sturdy) wires that sound really good, that would be a huge advantage over what i have now.
concerns over RF, etc. would seem 2ndary when there is no way to get these stiff, uncomprimising interconnects and PC's to stay out of the path of all of the OTHER interconnects and PC's.
I don't. My butler takes care of those details.
"How do you dress your cables?"

I say "Hello, cables"!

Whoops, sorry I thought you asked how I address my cables.

You should never coil a power cord. Not when in use anyway.
By day; with pastel paisley chiffon with ribbons and tulle adornments.
By night; either leather or latex, typically from Frederick's of Hollywood.
If the power cord I'm using is flexible enough of "S"ing or putting them in a figure 8 I will do so. If I knew I wouldn't be messing with the power cord again I would use zip ties. If I knew I was going to make changes I would tie them up with twine or use sturdier twist ties.

If the cable isn't flexible to put in a figure 8 or "S"ing I would just try to route them so they wouldn't be near interconnects. Since some of the power cables I have were also heavy I was forced to elevate them so that they would not sag from the IEC inputs of the gear I was using them with.

As for dressing them up you can buy all sorts of heat shrink and cable sleeving to make your cables look as pretty as you like.
Always in pink.
"How do you dress your cables?"

It depends on whether it's a boy cable or a girl cable.
Donjr, why not? What does coiling do or create?

Geoffkait, good idea.

Jedinite24, that's pretty much what I've been doing so far.

As for the rest of you, I do appreciate the laughs, but I really am looking for serious answers.

Good listening everyone
I say hi cables!!
Why? What problem does it cause?

Sorry that last one was for Donjr.