How a nickel can make a valuable improvement

I have a very slight out of level floor. When I replaced my VPI feet with the Eden Sound Bear Paws the right side of my Super Scoutmaster needed to be raised very slightly to be dead on level while keeping the Bear Paws tight to the bottom of the table. I used a nickel coin under each brass point on the right side of the table. This levelled it out perfectly and worked like a charm! The table sits solid and turntable and platter are exactly level for better focus and soundstage.
best bang for the buck tweak!!
I suggest you use quarters. You'll get 5 times the improvement !!!!
Very typical Audiophile response.Throw money at the problem.
Put those nickels in the freezer for 24 hours and try them again.
What year did you choose for the nickels? If I remember correctly, extensive blind test were performed and coins from 1957 have the best sonics.
NOS nickels - just imagine...
Bearpaws are threaded on...surely you could have saved all that money by adjusting those paws properly.
Does it work better if you stick the points in Monticello's main entrance or in Jefferson's ear?
Monticello's main entrance- everyone inside should be able to hear the music. Stringreen, I decided to splurge and spend this enormous amount of money to keep the Paws tight up against the bottom of the table.
What sounds better? Heads or tails?
Are you playing nickelback?
11-27-11: Mceljo
What year did you choose for the nickels? If I remember correctly, extensive blind test were performed and coins from 1957 have the best sonics.

Ahh yes, '57 was a very good year!!!!!
I agree about the Paws (or whatever your using for feet) should be tight up against the table, IMO. I leveled my turntable platform instead. Use fender washers or something in between the feet and table if you must use the feet for leveling, but keep the feet tight.
How about a penny for improvement ? I remember many years ago when my Dad taped a penny to the tonearm's headshell of our old Victrola phonograph, thus increasing the tracking force and improving the sound. Ahhh..... those were the days !
I agree with Markpoa, use brass fender washers between the the feet and the plinth.
I would prefer to use brass, but doesn't that washer type have a hole in the center? I need to have a flat solid spacer the same thickness as a nickel so the spiked end can rest in the middle.
Hiendmuse, I think Markpao and Brf meant to put the washers beyween the turntable and the paws, i.e., slip it over the threaded screw and have it rest on the top of the bear paw that goes against the underside of your TT. That way the paws can still be tight against the TT, but with the washer in between.
Yes, that is correct.
That's a great suggestion! I'll look into getting brass washers. Thank you.
I just got Bearpaws and I have not been able to level my table without using some playing cards under the feet. They are threaded but Stringreen made a comment above that implies if I need to do this (as I did with my VPI mini feet previously) I'm not adjusting the paws correctly. If this is the case I would appreciate either him, or anybody else, to comment on what I should be doing differently.
The Bearpaws should all be screwed tight up against the bottom of the table. See which foot/feet need a shim- I used a nickel under each footer only on the right side of the table to eliminate movement and bring table to level. Try a dime under each foot if a nickel is too thick. Use a good level to check for exact level front to back and side to side.
Sberger...My Bearpaws came with threads, and also with threaded brass washers. I threaded two of the threaded washers between the Bearpaws themselves and and the bottom of the turntable. I leveled the turntable exactly using a carpenters level by rotating the Bearpaw which raised/lowered them on their threads, then tightened one of the brass washers against the turntable, and then tightened one of the brass washers against the Bearpaw. This provides a very tight connection and a spectacular upgrade.

I got the Big Fat VPI Paws. Each one of these comes with a locknut that allows for height adjustment at the bottom. Only one washer between locknut and main body of Paw. No washer for the top of the Paw to tighten against the table. So essentially can't raise lower Paws between them and table without them not being tight against plinth. So do you think I should ask for an additional set of brass washers?
Spoke to Dan at Eden Audio(by the way, he is a great guy) who is sending me some larger lock nuts to go between the Paw and the plinth so give me for flexibility in getting the table level. Will report back. In any event, things sound great and this was a very worthwhile investment.
I was just going to tell you to ask for those washers. I'll be looking forward to your report.
I use the Edensound threaded Bearpaws on my "suspension-fixed" Pro-ject 6.1 RM with great success. I have the paws screwed up tight to the plinth so they can serve to introduce mass and resonance reduction to the plinth. Additionally I purchased a set of brass washers that had the same outside diameter as the bearclaws. I picked them up at and they are made by Accurate Manufactured Products.
Since they are brass and thick and heavy they match the bearclaws perfectly dimensionally, and add even more mass to the plinth. If you are going to raise any side of the turntable I would recommend underneath the bearclaw not between it and the plinth.
Cinellipro, do you have the parts number for the brass washers from Thanks.
I purchased the 2 inch OD extra thick brass washer from grainger part number 5ry47 for $6.25 each.