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Decware - any substance here?
Those tubes are almost impossible to find. 
Best EL-34 Amps?
Decware Torii MKIII 
Wilsynet thanks. I agree with the what sounds best to me opinion, but always like to get as much input from others who have had similar experience to see if something can be done that makes more sense from a technical stand point. Tried 1. and lik... 
My amp(Decware Torii 3) and preamp (Artemis LA-1) both have a volume control. Do I want the pre up as much as possible and then phase in the amp? 
mono cartridge vs stereo
"The only genuine mono cartridges that I know of besides the classic Ortofons is the Shelter 501 mono and the Miyajima Labs Premium Ebony mono. There may be others, but these were the carts that I found."Benz, Lyra, Koetsu all make genuine mono ca... 
How a nickel can make a valuable improvement
Spoke to Dan at Eden Audio(by the way, he is a great guy) who is sending me some larger lock nuts to go between the Paw and the plinth so give me for flexibility in getting the table level. Will report back. In any event, things sound great and th... 
How a nickel can make a valuable improvement
String,I got the Big Fat VPI Paws. Each one of these comes with a locknut that allows for height adjustment at the bottom. Only one washer between locknut and main body of Paw. No washer for the top of the Paw to tighten against the table. So esse... 
How a nickel can make a valuable improvement
I just got Bearpaws and I have not been able to level my table without using some playing cards under the feet. They are threaded but Stringreen made a comment above that implies if I need to do this (as I did with my VPI mini feet previously) I'm... 
VPI Scout and Lyra
I'm about to start using a Lyra Helikon mono with a JMW9 arm. I plan on using a 3g weight to increase arm mass and provide optimum resonance. Really looking forward to hearing it. 
Next Upgrade for VPI Scoutmaster TT
Stanwal,Are these the ones you're referring to?: 
Load setting for Dynavector DX-20XL
Probably 100, but with only two options doesn't it make sense just to try them both and listen? 
Azimuth and the Fozgometer
I think not. They probably should've put the channel balance test first. 
Cartridge upgrade, something warmer
Are you using the PE mode on the P75? I had that combo for a couple of years and it never sounded thin to me. I found the P75 to be lacking something with other carts, but in PE mode with the 20XL it was wonderful. Now, if you are in PE mode I wou... 
Affordable Mono Cartridge For VPI Scout
I'm using a Benz Ace mono low output cart with my Scoutmaster and it sounds great. 
SS phono stage in $2k to $3k range...
ASR Mini Basis, exclusive version.