Has anyone ever switched to Harbeth

After owning Dynaudio. If so how did it work out.
just curious which model of Dynaudio are you using now? and why are you thinking of switching to Harbeth?

taters..you're bored...chuck arc and dynaudio? you're as good as there already.....step away from your system for awhile, and when you return, you may fall back into its spell.

I'm currently running 3.4's. I'm just thinking about making a change.
duh..i was thinking of S3.4 or Harbeth SHL-5... tired or bored with S3.4?

While not a Dynaudio/Harbeth comparison, I did spend quite a bit of time auditioning the Dynaudio line about 3 years ago. While Dynaudios are a very good speaker, I ended up with a pair of Spendors, a British cousin of Harbeth that are similar in character.

I just found the Spendors more lifelike for the type of listening I do. The Dynaudios were just a bit too "sterile" for my tastes.

Since both the Dyns and Harbeths are excellent speakers with good reputations, you'll really need to listen for yourself. Different people are going to come to different conclusions.
I went from Harbeth to Dynaudio, if that helps. And then I bought another pair of Harbeths (the little ones), but still have the Dynaudios.

I really like the 3.4's. I just hear so much about Harbeth nowadays I just wanted to give them a try. Maybe I should Just pick up a used pair. I Imagine there not a hard speaker to sell If I don't like them.
I really like the 3.4's. I just hear so much about Harbeth nowadays I just wanted to give them a try.

So do it. Pretty obscure thread.
Taters, I don't think this is obscure at all. I think you have a perfectly valid question and Tholt is just being a jerk. You should grab a pair of the Harbeths and then write up a nice comparison for us all to read. One thing is the Dynaudios definitely have the Harbeths beat in the looks department.
i think as Jaybo pointed out, the OP is bored, and has also answered his own question.
I don't if it is boredom, but the change would certainly quite different. With the Harbeth being warmer. They are different enough for someone to have a clear preference. I personally have always liked the Spendor/Harbeth type of speaker. But that is just my personal taste, I'm sure there are others that would clearly prefer Dynaudio. I think OP is on the right track; try a used pair, you'll know pretty quickly which "house sound" you prefer.
Taters ..I own Dynaudio,never owned Harbeths but have listened to the line on a few occasions, 40.1 the most recent.I personally dont think Dynaudio has a "house sound" as stated by the above poster,very neutral which is one of their strenghts.I suggest stepping up the Dynaudio line if funds are available/confidence line or above..If a switch is in your crawl there are many speakers that out perform Harbeth,IMO
Missioncoonery wrote: "I personally dont think Dynaudio has a "house sound"..."
I suspect that is a bit like a reference to accents. Most people don't describe themselves as having an accent. Rather the word is used to refer to others who sound different. Plenty of comedy routines have been based on a character declaring "I don't have an accent!"

I certainly find Dynaudio to have a distinct house sound, one that is fairly neutral but with a shade more coolness that I ultimately like.

As far as "out-performing", that is entirely dependent on what one is measuring. To use the well-worn auto example, one can claim a car with 10% more horsepower "out-performs" another make, but that doesn't mean much if the second car's overall design is more to my liking.

Only the OP is going to be able to decide which speaker he prefers and he's going to have to hear them to make that call.
Well, if its just that you are bored at least you will be trying something significantly different sounding from what I have heard.

Here's a link to a system thread here where the owner switched from a nice pair of Dyn Confidence to Harbeth that drew a lot of interest. Check that one out.

I have not heard Dynaudios, but I understand they have excellent dynamic capability, some models better than others perhaps. I loved the Harbeth SHL5's but needed a speaker that could handle heavy music without breaking up. If that's an issue, it might not be the right speaker for you. If I only listened to instrumental, jazz, and some orchestral music at lower volumes I would have gladly kept the Harbeths.
I'm a long time Dynaudio fan / owner that recently switched to Harbeth on a whim. Made the move from Dyn. C4's to Harbeth M-40.1's. Both are great speakers with the Dyn C4's having the advantage in aesthetics, transparency, resolution and "wow" factor. The Harbeth's have a very simple, plain Jane appearance and excel over the C4's in their ability to sound good at low to moderate volume levels, and they just sound more "right" to me. I compare the Dyn C4's to an exciting high performance sports car, whereas the Harbeth M-40.1's are more of a comfortable luxury car. Of the two, I'd say Dyn's are a more neutral audiophile speaker... and the Harbeth's are more colored having a more sweet, organic house sound. Both the S3.4's and Super HL-5's are good choices, albeit different sounding.
taters will have to spend 10k plus to wind up in the same neighborhood.
As an owner of Confidence C1's and a past owner of a few Harbeth models, I think Pdreher's description of the sound of the two brands is spot on.
I had Dynaudio 1.3SE (and with a few speakers in between) now have the Harbeth 30.

For classical/acoustic/vocal/chamber at lower volume I prefer the Harbeths. I also found the Harbeths are more forgiving when matching amp/pre. My Dyns had to play loud to sound their best..
"My Dyns had to play loud to sound their best.. "

I have Contour 1.3mkIIs. They also sound best with some volume. My Triangles and OHM Walshs are probably better at very low volumes.
Allow me to gate crash with Spendor S8e or S9e. I believe spendor and harbeth are close in sound characteristics. Which one is better? And in what ways? Thanks
They seem close enough that if I owned one I would only choose the other because I was bored - that is not a big change in persepctive as Dynaudio Harbeth move would be. I do think neutrality and resolution is a house sound; that some like and others not so much; Dynaudio always left me feeling a little cold, but it could have been the SS amps that invariably drove them. OP, I think you have a sense of the difference, but nobody can tell you what you will like better; simply can't be done - it's up to you. Now I have heard both brands, and what I prefer to both is the Merlin VSMs, but that might not be up for consideration for you, don't know.
As a long time user of both dynaudio and now harbeth speakers i'd say both speakers are really good and it boils down to personal preference.As many pointed out, Dyns are more neutral, harbeths are a bit warmer.
Both speakers are capable to world class sound.
Between the two , the Harbeths are more forgiving of ancilliary gears, Dyns need good power to shine thru.
I can live with either speakers, but for the last 4 years or so, i've been enthralled by the Harbeths.
I've had many speakers, Proac Tabletts, Dynaudio 42, Tukans, Tannoy Eryis DC-1, Spendor s3e, and much more. My ears are finally so happy. Got me some Harbeth P3ESR SE speakers. No one is taking these away from me!
Zek4u, did you audition the Compact7ES3's? I am about to purchase a pair of either them or the Harbeth's you purchased I have concluded the P3ESR's image better, but the Compact 7's go lower and louder. I am leaning towards the Compact 7's for bass and flexibility to use in a larger room in the future and not need a sub. Congratulations on your P3ESR's. The new radial drivers in them make those speakers ones to truly to hang on to for life. If I may be politically incorrect, Merry Christmas to you and yours!