Popping when source is switched or muted HUH????

Rotel Pro, Pioneer dig cab box, AMC transport, theta DAC, running through Monster 2000 power Cond...amp is Proton dual mono and speakers are Innersound EROS MKII speakers.
I have no idea why when I switch sources I get a fairly loud "pop" and even when I hit mute I get the pop...please help wqith ideas...thanks Chad
Do you have any equipment that should be grounded (ie 3 prong plug) plugged into an ungrounded receptacle ? This could cause "grounds" to float and can cause popping.
No everything is grounded, but thanks for the post!
I've had this with same experience with things as simple as source selector switches. My techie mentioned something about DC offset.
Try cleaning the switches.

Clean wich switches? my Pro is only a few months old, should I just send it in for a look?
I'm not convinced there is anything wrong with your pre. Did you have the problem before inserting the InnerSounds? Since you haven't mentioned it, I'll assume you aren't using the ESL x-over/amp that mates with the stats? If not, what are you using to crossover to the panels?
I am using the cross over amp and powering the bass with it, and it was doing it before, now it is really pronounced though
If you heard the same pop, but at a lower volume when you used your AR-9's, the level is now louder because the Eros ESL panels are 6-10 dB more efficient. The pop may be intrinsic to your Rotel processor. Be thankful you aren't using ALE or Goto horn systems: at 115 dB/w/m efficiency, the pop would probably sound like dinner theatre night with John Wilkes Booth.
lol thanks Steve!
I have the same problem.I just try to remember to keep the volume all the way down on my tube preamp before selecting
another source.I may call up Conrad Johnson about my PV-5
on this and see what they say.In my case I was wondering if its the tubes going bad in the preamp.
You might consider sending the unit in for an inspection or repair. Popping sounds are caused by arcing 99% of the time in solid state gear - and in your case the arcs are either across the switch(es) or where the soldered leads from the switches meet the pcb. Could be bad/cold solder joints anywhere in that path. The mute function, when activated, "recharges" the arcing process.
Gs, Thanks a bunch! I think I am gonna send it off for a repair, and try to borrow a pre amp while its gone, thanks all!
I have had same pop when a newly modded Tosh 3960 was put into my system.My other sources,a Panasonic dvd player and a Aiwa changer do not do this.I can say with certainy it is the source,in this system.Good luck,Bob