Switched outputs on HTS3500 and B&K ref 30

Does anyone know of a way to hook up the switched outlets of a Monster HTS 3500 to the B&K reference 30?

You are supposed to connect a power cable from the extra outlet on the back of the pre/pro, but there is not one on the ref 30. I was wondering if anyone knew of way to do it using the control out #4 (as listed in the instruction manual) or any other way at all.

additional info: The B&K has a 12V, 50mA remote output which repeats the 38kHz modulated IR signal from the remote. The Monster has 9-12V 300mA input for remote control. It seems like they should match, but.... (famous last words)
I run this same connection from my Ref 30 to my HTS2500 and it works great.

Good luck.

Really? What kind of cable did you use? I couldn't get it to work.


turns out the HTS3500 has a loose connector. When I fiddle with it, it works.