Harry Pearson HP No Longer at TAS

From John Atkinson:

So, it's official. Harry Pearson is no longer with The Absolute Sound after nearly 40 years. According to publisher Jim Hannon, "Harry’s life-changing heart surgery has prompted him to rethink how he wants to spend his time going forward. Consequently, it is my unhappy task to inform you that Harry Pearson has decided to resign from The Absolute Sound."

I also read he is starting a new web/blog site hpsoundings.

I know some of you don't like HP, but without him and J. Gordon Holt, I never would have found this hobby, let alone make it a business for over 20 years. I had the pleasure to meet both of these gentleman a few times throughout the years and found them to be bigger than life.

I started my subscription with TAS back in 1980 and have never let it lapse. I'll miss HP.
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Sad news, indeed, no matter what one's opinion of him was.
There is still a lot of life left in HP, thank God. I will be looking forward to his new musings. Perhaps having untied himself from TAS, we will see a new and better Harry.
My best wishes to Harry Pearson. The Absolute Sound has had a huge impact on musicians and listeners who love music and music reproduction which can not only envoke emotion, but actually lift the spirit.
I was sad to hear of HP's physical problems but The Absolute Sound is a shell of what it used to be. I seem to remember that the first issue that I put my hands on was around 1983. TAS called a Carver amp a boat anchor. What TAS has become is a slick organ of the industry that lives on its advertising. Can you imagine the magazine publishing a review like that today? I think not.

My hope is with this new venture that Harry can talk about whatever he wants without any censorship. That would be worth reading . I never met Harry but I the arrival of the Absolute Sound in the past would have me away for hours reading every word. Today if I find and article or two in it I consider it a success. I hope Harry uses this opportunity to get back to his roots and please call something (anything) a boat anchor again!!
Mofi, thanks for the heads up,

I have been reading TAS since issue 9 (love the old cover art) and will find hpsoundings to keep up with Harry's musings.
I haven't picked up a copy of The Absolute Sound in quite some time and it's sad to hear of Harry Pearson's situation. The upside to all of this is to hear him and his musings without the constraints of The Absolute Sound. I wish him the best.

All the best,
Here's the link to his new site:

Thanks for that link. I've been a TAS subscriber, since 1980, as well. I still chuckle when remembering the Yamaha B-6 amp, that copied the Carver M-400 Cube's 'Magnetic Field Technology'(without permission/licensing). TAS said, "They recreating the Titanic, complete with the hole." Classic!
Having some health problems myself so I have sympathy; I will be back and I suppose Harry will as well. May it be so.
Hello Stanwal.

Godspeed on getting your health back!

Very Best Wishes,

This is sad news. I have been waiting many years for HP to finish his reviews on thirty or so products of interest - you know, those reviews with tantalizing cliff hangers about more thoughts to come. But the thoughts never came.

Seriously, he was an entertaining reviewer and will be sorely missed.
HP was an early HEA mentor for me. TAS was at times complex and frustrating but also compelling for a teenager to digest. TAS/HP helped me develop the same appreciation for music as well as fine audio equipment. When an audio publication reaches the level of 1980's TAS, I will subscribe regardless of cost!
HP, warts and all (he could be pompous and indulgent with his use of language) was, IMO, the most relevant audio reviewer to ever appear in print. Relevant because his reviews (especially in the early days) always related to MUSIC not just sound. In his reviews and opinion pieces there were always substantive discussions and descriptions of how what he heard from audio equipment related to music and the sound of that music performed live. No other reviewer in my experience has been so unyielding in his/her dedication to what (wether some are willing to acknowledge it or not) is the loftiest goal of this hobby. I look forward to his future writings and wish him health.
The majority of audio enthusiasts and philes are older rather than younger, so I feel for anyone who is of ill health; It happens more and more in our demographic. Hope HP does fine and finds enjoyment in retirment. At 57 I unfortunately have a long way to retirement and begin to see my own mortality. This is one of the reasons I keep striving for the best music-producing system. Enjoy each day you have because health can turn on a dime!
I wish HP all the best and just hope Valin doesn't take over, with his ethical or should I say non-ethical standards that would put TAS is a downspin!
HP Keep on Truckin!!