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In the August/September issue of The Absolute Sound, HP mentions his very positive experiences with two CD cleaning fluids - Optrix and L'Art du Son. Would like to hear from 'goners that may have used either or both products.
I thought L'Art du Son was an LP cleaning agent?
According to HP, they also make an agent for cleaning CDs.
I use Optrix for cleaning CDs and am quite satisfied with it. I use it primarily to clean up used CDs that I pick up. It does what it is supposed to do...clean the disc and not leave a residue. They sound as good as new on my Wadia.
L'Art du Son LP cleaning fluid is said to be outstanding, and it may be logical to project that the CD fluid should also be very good. Reports are that Audiotop CD fluid is excellent as well. Lower cost yet effective CD treatment solutions include Optrix and Esoteric Mist. And don't forget Nordost Eco3 on the label side of your discs.
When you clean a CD all you're cleaning is polycarbonate.
Mix up a weak solution (10-1) of distilled water and cheap shampoo in a spray bottle. Use a cotton towel and not paper when doing the cleaning.
Then you'll have something with which to wash the windows inside your house with as well.
Well, may be worth jumping in here on this topic.
I use Record Research Labs Shine Ola.

It has had positive professional and many user reviews and is most importantly safe on your CD's and SACD's.
There are a lot of stories on the audio forums about cleaning fluids and home brew ideas that end up causing damage (Armor All, etc.)

I do hear a difference when using Shine Ola (more focus), but whatever you use, make sure it is safe.
I second the Shine Ola. I just started using it after having used Nordost Eco 3 (which I still use on my cables) and Audience Auric Illuniator. The focus is definitiely improved.
I also use the Shinola. It's safe and makes everything sound better. It's also essential for DVD-Videos, especially rental ones. Some won't read in my DV 50 without first cleaning with the RRL. There are some reviews and reviewers that I halfway trust, and some that seem inconsistent from month-to-month.
I agree, Shine Ola improves dynamics and detail ... or better said, it cleans the disc well enough that music is easier read.

There are a few informative threads here at Audiogon, here's one ...

Clio09: You should try pre-cleaning a disc prior to burning it on your TRL Masterlink, then compare the pre-cleaned disc to one that is left untouched but burned with the same material from your hard drive. Tell me what you hear ...


Thanks for the advice. I'll report back as soon as I can test it out.

Also, I'll be testing out the USB to coaxial digital interface I came across that Paul endorsed. I can't wait to record 24 bit on the TRL ML9600 HD. It should be an interesting weekend.

Shinola? Isn't that shoe polish? :) I use a drop of Dawn dishsoap and a cotton cloth. Pat dry with another cloth. Works great!
Yes, the original Shine Ola was a shoe polish, and has been out of production for probably over 50 years. The Shine Ola we are talking about is made by Record Research Lab and is the most effective and safe cleaner that I've used.

Here's a little more info ... http://redtrumpet.com/accessories/item.php?item=22188&sid=1100599754


I thought I'd chime in and try to revive this one. I've tried Optrix and Walker Ultra Vivid. Most reviews I've seen seem to think the Walker products crushed Optrix but after extensive listening, I have to disagree. While Ultra Vivid initially sounds better and more powerful, Optrix makes the CD sound cleaner and more musical at least for me. I think I will try shine o-la next and see how that one compares to Optrix.
The only fluid I have ever used on my CD's is L'Art du Son and it has provided the most dramatic improvement in sound since I had my CEC TL-1X modded by RAM. The sound is fuller, richer, with less of the digital nasties in the high end, with great upper treble xtension and purity, and deeper, tighter bass. This really is amazing stuff, in my experience. I was skeptical, but hearing is believing.

I have used shinola, which is very good, But Xtreme Liquid Resolution is better by a long shot. This is a somewhat new cleaner, and has a money back 30 day trial. Any one who has used Xtreme gold enhancer on their cables ect, can expect the same results from this cleaner. A little espensive but it treats 300 or more disc. This lifts a big veil from the sound.