For real bass freaks??

I thought you all would appreciate this. I like bass when I listen, but last weekend I ran into something that is probably too much for me.

I was wandering through the Hempstalk festival in Portland, OR with a couple of friends and we came upon a large blanket laying on the grass. On the blanket was a pair of headphones, the type with large plastic cups, and attached to each cup was what appeared to be a vacuum cleaner hose 8 or 10 feet long. On the far end of each hose was attached a large plastic funnel, maybe 10 inches across at the wide end. None of us could figure out what the contraption was for, but my friend Tanya ran into the owner and he explained that it was a Brain Massage. Apparently for a couple of bucks a person could lie down on the blanket, don the headphones and this guy would play a didgeridoo into the funnels.

I think maybe that would be too much bass for me. It certainly might massage your brain. We didn't see anyone trying it out. I kind of doubt he makes much of a living doing that.

Now that would be a youtube video I'd like to see :-)
Actually here it is:
Sorry,I don't get it. What's the purpose?
What the heck was Wbs doing at a Hempstalk fest. And what is a Hempstalk fest anyway. And why wasn't I invited?
Other recommended must-do's for true bass freaks. 1) live Sunn 0))) concert 2) Pan Sonic live.

And if you want to really give your system a bass workout and push it to its bass limits, grab albums by either, turn it up and press play/drop the needle.

Bass that will reorganize your internal organs...
OK,now that is just silly!
I think I'll pass.
I guess you have to smoke some good hemp first.
I think I saw this on "1000 Ways to Die" TV show, can't recall the exact #.
If you are into 'hi-fi' you should want exactly the amount of bass the composer/artist meant for there to be. No more, No less.
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