Fixing Vandersteen 2c's?

My father has handed down his old 2C(maybe Ce)'s to me. They are shot to sh**. I'm guessing that the woofers and tweeters are possibly blown. The only Vandersteen dealer near me is 2 hours away. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an economical way to fix these up. Do I need to use genuine Vandersteen replacement components? Or, is there another, more accessible, brand that is compatible? The shipping to Vandersteen in California would probably eat up half of the money I'm willing to spend here. Thanks.
Do you want the speakers sound right? You cannot properly repair them yourself. If you send your speakers to Vandersteen they will come back looking and sounding like new speakers.
Save your money and buy something that works, you'll bve much happier in the long run. Maybe you can sell the cabinets to a Vandy owner whose cabinets are lunched. Check here in the Wanted section.

And be sure to tell Dad "Thanks for nothing!" for giving you wasted speakers - what a guy!

Are you sure it's the speakers? What are the symptoms? It might be an easier fix than you think.
its worth the drive
a pair of 2CEs fixed up to spec will outperform most all others well in that range
Your father was a smart guy, the fellow with the Thanks for nothing post just doesnt know how good the Vandies are.
Cheers johnnyR
+1 Audioconnection. Give the staff at Vandersteen a call. They have a great reputation for steering folks straight on issues like this. There may even be an authorized repair center closer to your residence. These are classic speakers, BTW.
Doesn't have to be the drivers themselves. It could very well be the crossovers.
Do you like Vandersteen speakers? While lots of people like tham a lot, many don't like them at all. Make sure all this work and expense is worth it to you.
If in fact 4 drivers are blown, it may or may not be worth repairing them. Good condition used Vandy 2's can be found rather inexpensively very often. One of the all time best values in all of high end audio, new or used.
Call Vandersteen - good chance you will speak to the owner. 2Cs are classics. If you ship them back they will come back playing like new. Depends on your budget of course but you should definitely start with a call to the factory. Let us know what you do.
Thanks very much for all of your responses. I'm going to talk to Richard. If he can give a ballpark estimate based on the symptoms that isn't insanely high, I think I'd like to go that route. Yes, I love Vandy's! I'm a second generation Vandy fan... my own system is 3a sigs (rebuilt) with a vcc-1 center and 1c's for rears. Raised on them. Can't let go. Plus these 2c's have the sentimental value of being the first speakers I fell in love with at an age of 12-ish.