Marantz 8801 no sound, worth fixing or replace.

Last night during TV viewing all of a sudden the audio dropped to nothing, no blinking lights, no loud bang, pop or click, silence. All digital inputs produce a minor hum that gets louder as gain is increased. The pure/direct mode with analog inputs produces audio fine, but when I select "stereo" or any processed affect, no sound.
So sounds like something bit the bullet.  Love the sound of this unit for 5.2 50/50 movie 2 channel, not into more channels than that. My question is repair it or replace it?
Any advice or opinion is greatly appreciated.
Unplug the unit from the wall overnight.  Plug back in and see if it works.  Sometimes Logic ICs get "stuck" and this will reset them.
Thanks mofimadness, will try it.
Fingers crossed
So, did Mofi's suggestion work for you?