Finding a Power Cord that sounds great

There are so many Power cords out there it is mind boggling. I have tried quite a few of them. Here is what I have tried over the few years. JPS +, Kimber Kable Palladian, Cardas Golden reference, Shunyata Python Helix. They all had their pluses and minuses and I kept looking. Some I enjoyed more than others. I recently tried a BPT L9cT(advertised here on Audiogon) and was surprised at how good it was for such a reasonable price. Chris Hoff of BPT(great guy to work with by the way) made a special L9cT Power Cord with the new Furutech FI50 connectors recently. Wow! Now I thought this is something special. It imaged better that any of the other Power cords I had tried with a deeper and higher image than I had experienced before. It is still a fast cord with excellent transients and great bass but with a much bigger sound stage. Also the Furutech FI50's seem to give the sound a relaxed realistic character to instruments. Pianos especially sounded nice. I have heard the Furutech powerflux power cord was an excellent. It was slightly higher priced than what I wanted to pay for a power cord. It uses the F150 connectors. So trying the BPT cord with Fi50s was a nice find.
Anyone want to share their experiences with the best power cord they have used? I know some of this is system dependent. Has anyone tried a BPT power cord or a power cord with FI50 connectors? Just wanted to say I had a very good listening experience with BPT L9CT with Furutech FI50s.

My Equipment
Anthem D2
Theta Dreadnaught II
Naim CDx2
Kef reference 205s RL
Kef reference 204 center
Martin Logan descent Sub
PSB synch surrounds
Oyaide R1 outlets with Furutech covers
I am using the new BPT powercord, and also the new BPT interconnect, to very nice effect in my system. Like Jrn, I recommend them. John
I was skeptical of power cords for years until I tried a Wireworld Aurora 5 squared. It made a significant improvement. I then tried a Cardas Golden Reference. It was no better and no worse. Just a lot more expensive.
I too was skeptical of power cords & then I thought "ok smarty, if that is the case then try it without one". I am amazed by the 'black backgrounds' & giant sense of 'space between the notes' that this change has made in my system, but I will probably revert back as I feel that there is a loss of dynamics.
I too was very skeptical about power cords improving the sound of my system. I found the cable company would lend me cords to try from there lending library without obligation to purchase. After several auditions, the Synergistic Research cords improved the sound far and above any others I had tried. They use a process called "Quantum Tunneling" that they claim produces 0 resistance in there products. The Hologram D cord on my CD player was particularly an eye opener. No affiliation but WOW what a difference
To me it is amazing how much a good power cord can change the sound of your system. To Jeff_Jones, try out a BPT power cord. They seem to help the dynamics not hurt them. Though you do need to give it about 300 hours break in time.
I have been through way too many to list in nearly all $ ranges. All do different things, some better than others, but most also bring some negative to the table. The 2 cables that gave the most gain with no negative consequences, to my ears of course, are the Acoustic Revive Power Reference and the MIT Oracle Z3. Both topped cables costing double and beyond in my trials. They both seemed to be the most coherent top to bottom and just solid all around performers. Now I am trying to nail down which of the 2 I like best and be done with it! I have also found using more than 2 brands of power cords in my system begins to cause some loss of overall coherence.
I found a relatively new power cord recently, made from NOS Western Electric wire, that is a bargain in sonics. This cord has been favorably compared to cords costing many times its price. I bought this on Ebay and am including a link to that ad, but here is the web site for more info. I'm not affiliated with the company other than being a happy customer.
I have reviewed the wonderful Furutech Flux power cords on PFO. You'll find my observations at:

The PCs that I have enjoyed the most are the ones I am using right now. . . Shunyata King Cobra CX. I have applied them to my Esoteric X-01 Limited player, as well as to my Rowland Model 312 amp. The PC appears to be a complete generalist and can be happily used for both high and low power applications. It is the most coherent cord that I have used this far. Very broad frequency rendering, without hot spots or dips that I can discern. Extremely large stage in 3 dimensions. . . thank goodness the background is not 'black'. . . it's transparent and alive with low level information. Fact is KC may be the most revealing power cord I have tried this far, without delivering unwanted artifacts. While previous incarnations of Shunyata cords could be accused of slightly reducing dynamics, the CX series appears to be delivering an impressive dynamic range, from broad macro dynamics to very minute microdynamics.
Is this wire for everyone? Probably not. . . If someone seekd the ultimate (and to me excessive) energetic sparkle, or a pleasing euphonic warmth, I suspect the Shunyata CX series may not be for them. rather, King Cobra CX seems to be delivering the ultimate Goldilockian sound. . . not an excess of 'this', neither an excess of 'that'. . . just an extreme 'rightness' of all.
Unfortunately, I had the pleasure of inserting into my system also the matching Shunyata Aurora ICs and speaker wires. . . very consistent with King Cobra CX. . . they seem to extend all sonic and musical parameters even significantly further toward my ideal.

I bought a used Elrod EPS-2 off Audiogon for a few hundred. It made such a big difference in my Sony 5400ES player I had to buy 4 more Elrod power cables. The other 4 are on there way. The sound from the Sony was much fuller and richer. The bass was better also.
G., do you like the Shunyata King Cobra CX better than the Furutech Powerflux Power Cord? And if so, why?
I will tell you that it is true the Furutech FI50 connectors take awhile to shine. Break in is slow. But when they do it is a very very nice listening experience.
JRN, I agree completely that Flux take an inordinate amount of time to break-in. Anyone who shortshrifts these wires because of what the do (or do not do) during the first few hundred hours of operation, will waste their time and their money. Flux deserve a lot of patience to give their best. I have used the completeFurutech Flux suite for perhaps 1500 hours. My findings about this remarkable series are in my PFO article at:
I have continued to use them after the end of the review process for several weeks , and the wires still blossom further for an additional couple hundred hours.

However, after inserting the Shunyata King Cobra CX + Auroras in the system, and breaking them in for approx 300 hours, until they stabilized, this Shunyata suite as a whole has become my reference cabling. As wonderful as the Flux series is, I found the Shunyata King Cobra CX cords, particularly when fielded in synergy with the Shunyata Aeros Aurora ICs and speaker wires, to be significantly and comfortably preferable in most aspects of my application, for the reasons discussed in my previous post. While Flux cords may be slightly more energetic than KC, which may undoubtedly tip some user's preference toward Flux, the overall sonic and musical parameters I discussed in my previous post have easily caused my preference to fall for the Shunyata KC+SAurora combination.

The single exception is a position where unfortunately I have not yet been able to isolate variables to my satisfaction:
I found the musically and sonically most desirable solution from the Furutech ETR-303 Daytona conditioner to the AC grid is currently a 12ft Furutech Flux that reaches a rather far isolated 20A outlet. Unfortunately my KC is only 2 meter long, and reaches only a standard non-isolated 15A circuit outlet.
Using the KC to power the conditioner through a regular outlet within its reach instead, the system yields a sonic environment that is slightly subpar in grain-free musicality and resolution, compared to powering the conditioner with the Flux fed by the outlet on the 20A isolated circuit.

It is worth pointing out that an isolated circuit can have a very significant effect on the overall sound. Hence, in the next several weeks, I might enroll the assistance of a friend of mine to move the isolated circuit to be in reach of the Shunyata King Cobra CX, so to eliminate the effect of the last uncontrolled variable, and perform an even more valid performance determination.

Regards, G.
I see the Shunyata King Cobra CX costs $3500 new . Yikes!
It should sound darn good for that kind if money. I can get
4 BPT L9c cords with Furutech FI50 connectors for that
and have some change left over. Ha! The most I spent on a cord
is about a grand.
So much of this is system dependent in what one prefers.
Plus each person has their own personel taste is how they like their
music to sound. I have enjoyed hearing about everyones
experience with the power cords they have purchased.
Hope a few more throw their 2 cents worth in also.
Thank you JRN. Yes, you are correct, a lot has to do with personal preference, and the sound is the result of the interaction of all components in a system, including power cords of course. I tried to make clear in my posts that my assessment of the Shunyata KC+Aurora suite is not an absolute, but that these wires are the ones that satisfy my own particular sonic and musical values to the highest degree, regardless of list price. Your original query did not specify a price range, hence my unrestricting interpretation of 'best'. Unfortunately, not having listend to BPT cords, I can't venture a guess about their price/performance ratio. If you give us a price range, we all might come up with suggestions/opinions that match your target much better. G.
Well G I did bring up The Furutech powerflux Power cord
which is now $2380 a cord so why not bring up the King Cobra CX.
I thought the top cord by Shunyata was in the 2 grand area. See I learned something
Of course there are so many choices out there. And one great thing
about Audiogon is you can find some pricey cords for a good deal
used. Also there are guys on audiogon like Chris Hoff of BPT and Don at
DCCA who make there own cords and sell them on here and they can
be a very high performance per $. And can also contend with big boys.
It's all good. I like to here from as many people as I can about what they
have tried and liked in their system.
Thanks for the input.
You bet JRN. . . just make sure that when looking at a used King Cobra listed at an attractive price, the listing specifies CX. The only thing in common between the original King Cobra and the CX version is a significant heftiness of the device. Construction/design is apparently quite different. Guido
My brother found a Furutech Powerflux on Audiogon for a great price used. He was thrilled with the sound. It was his idea that I should ask Chris at BPT to make a cord with Furutech FI50s. They are great sounding connectors.
Makes for a great cord. I am thinking that Shunyata improved their connectors on the CX version. Connectors make a difference.
I hope my brother posts on this thread. He has a Furutech powerflux, BMI cables, BPT,and a revelation audio power cords. He has tried tons of cords. with varying degrees of success. What he has now for cords he is very happy with! He found all these cords on Audiogon by the way!
Yes, apparently in CX series Shunyata has enhanced its connectors. However, it is my understanding there is alot more to the Shunyata design than connectors alone. Just from memory. . .

* Shunyata utilizes extremely pure Copper. Of course, I am not sure if this is purer than other Copper formulations, like the ones utilized by Acrolink and others.
The Copper is extruded in house in a semi-molten state, and the semi-molten mass is subjected to a very intense EM field, whose purpose is to align Copper 'molecules' along field geodesics. Note that as Copper is micro-crystaline, what is meant is either that the crystal grains get aligned, or that atoms are align prior to recrystalization.
* The wire strands (or perhaps the finished product, I am not sure), is subjected to an in house very low temperature cryogenic process.
The Cord is machine braided using something like 750 separate wires for the King Cobra wires, resulting in a 5-gage counter-rotating helycoidal aggregate or so woven (I believe at a 90 degrees normalized pattern) around the central tube(s).

If the audible results of this technology and process were bizarre, or were otherwise dull or unmusical, my ever-snarky and ready comment would be the usual Stravinskian warning that we should judge a tree by its fruits, not by its roots. Fortunately, KC CX's sonic 'fruits' are most delectable, hence I shall leave Igor Stravinsky alone for the duration, but try to seek a plausible explanation of the delivered Nirvana instead. G.
What is the best under $500 power cord you have ever heard?
Best one $1000 and under??
Coxhaus, can you tell me a bit more about the
Elrod EPS-2 power cord? What is the signature sound of this cord?
Lively, dark,neutral ect?
How these cords match up with your electronics and speakers is everything to whether you like the way they sound or not.
I found the BPT was a good match for my ear and equipment. They are fast with very good micro-detail. Still want to hear from everybody on their experience with different brands of cords. It is always good to know more about different brands.
I now have 5 Elrod power cords. I added Elrod power cords to my Sony 5400ES first. I then added one to my Joule Electra preamp. I now have added one to each of my Spectron monoblocks. I liked what they did to the sound. They create such a richer sound and a lot better bass with more layers in the sound stage. All the years gone by and I thought it would not make a difference. I was totally wrong. There are 2 flavors in the Elrod power cords. One is for amps and the other is for components. I have bought both.
Sherod, I see that mojo website is interesting on their power cord. Thanks for sharing.
Here's how I ended up spending more money than I had planned on power cords.
I had just purchased a new Cary 300sei and wanted to upgrade the power cord for it.
I did this at the dealers.
I used a cd player and a set of grado headphones and started evaluating power cords from the stock Cary ,to the Taipan, Python and Annaconda Shunyatas.

The most detail(P.Barber Companion cd) was with the Annaconda.
Switching to the base Shunyata as a final comparison only nailed the fact that they weren't letting everything thru to the degree the Annacondas were.

So, it cost more, but I rationalize this with the belief that I am getting more of the music I have paid for by investing in the better power cords.
I think this is something that doesn't get mentioned enough in the "power cord controversies".

It brings back memories of the old days when people didn't believe changing lamp cord wire for upscale speaker wires made any difference.
I have tried quite a few power cords, including very expensive power cords from Synergistic Research and Shunyata. I have tried Kaplan and did not like them in my system...BPT cords are better.

Although I won't claim they are better than a top-of-the Kubala Sosna or Stealth, I think you get truly awesome performance from Audio Arts Power 1 and Black Sands Violet cords at a fraction of the cost of the mega-buck cords.

I would also pick up a Gabriel Gold power cord used, as all Steve's cables are outstanding.
The wire in the power cable adds little to the sound, it is the ac connectors that gets you the most sound effect from a power cable. AC Outlet to ac connectors and component matching comes into play too for good sound...
I disagree with Hifisoundguy's claim of the conductors having no effect on the sound. In my opinion, the conductors have as much effect on the sound as the connectors. They are both equally important in the sum of the parts, and then there's the material the conductors are made of, the gauge of the conductors, the type of sheilding used, etc. which are also important parts of the equation.
Lessloss(Signature) is the first PC that made a really noticable change for me. Other power cords have made subtle differences, but the LessLoss was another animal altogehter. Plus, I think they are priced at a value as well. Lots of choices though, good luck.
Sherod, its much more about matching the ac connectors with the right ac outlet and with the right component...
Shunyata Black Mamba CX brought my Bryston BCD-1 to life.
Am going to use one on the McIntosh C2200 pre amp next.
The best power cord is the degree of synergise to the component of which it connects to, follow by the signature character of certain brand you prefer IMHO.
Have tried many cords to replace my Electraglile FatBoy 2000 Gold on my SET just for curiosity but failed.
Like everything, sometimes one piece of gear meshes better than another,everyone has a different "sound" they are going for.

The sound of our systems are influenced by everything around them,the electricity, the room dimensions, room treatment, and even by our own individual tastes in music.

Because none of us are exactly alike, we all enjoy different types of music and music reproducing systems.
We all have a "sound" we are chasing after.

What I think works for me in my environment, may sound terrible to you in yours.

That's why it's very important to do the work required to audtion as amny power cords at all price levels and configurations, until you find one that compliments "your" gear and suits your ears and pocket book.

I think all the power cords mentioned are worthy of an audition,the best cable I have found may not be the one for you and so on.

Pretty straight forward isn't it, just common sense.
But the impetus is for "you" to do the auditioning,use your ears, don't rely on ours to make your final decision.
Jrn, you don't run the L9CT into a BPT conditioner do you, or any power conditioner for that matter? Wondering how BPT cord works when run thru conditioners other than there own i.e. a Shunyata Hydra-4.
Most power cords have very little to no science and/or engineering behind them, but can still cost a small fortune

I highly recommend Wire World PCs, which he calls power conditioners. i have been using his series 7 Eclipse for several years, but recently he has advanced that design in his series 8
Most power cords have very little to no science and/or engineering behind them, but can still cost a small fortune.

>>>>Gosh, I did not know that. Got any examples? Or is this just another shill?