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How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
justmetoo Michelle, I’m totally agreed with you. The B100 loudspeaker is a truly statement of the art in every respect. Search over with my B100’s.https://ucarecdn.audiogon.com/feadc23b-906a-4a66-9cd5-5e060200049e/-/autorotate/yes/  
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
Burmester 911s  
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
Burmester BC350  
Analog integrated amp recommendation
Burmester 032, neutral with tone towards the warm, full-bodied sound and richness of details.  
TUBE AMP LOVERS - What SS amp makes you smile???
Best amps for MBL101e's?
I've heard them with Burmester 911 Mk3 monos sounded very refined and much better compared to Mbl 9011 monos. 
What is the best OTL out there?
Mactone OTL monos. 
Best Sounding new releases 2015
Now This - Gary Peacock Trio 
Power conditioner
Burmester 948. 
Power Conditioner for your amplifier?
Burmester 948. Amazing component. 
Best High End Audio Manufacturer???
match Jeff Rowland Preamp with Burmester amp
If you're searching for the definitive absolute best: Burmester preamp 808 Mk5 and Burmester 911 Mk3 power amp. The 911 Mk3 matching perfectly with preamp 088 too. 
match Jeff Rowland Preamp with Burmester amp
Burmester 911 Mk3: The Perfection. One of the absolute best power amp ever made. 
The most holographic Power Cord
Nordost Odin.