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Aesthetix Mimas vs. Calypso + Atlas?
according to this review, the Mimas is very close to the Calypso/Atlas combo and is better in some ways, sound density is mentioned. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-TW&u=https://review.u-audio.com.tw/review...Enter your ... 
Proac D48R
hmmn, for my D48Rs,  I keep mine on but I haven't done a comparison against them with them off.  I will now.   
Proac D40R's-amp dilemma-low or high power?
John at Audio Connection says the Aesthetix Mimas integrated matches great with the D48s, so it should match well with the D4Rs too. 
Aesthetix MIMAS
Did the one at AXPONA have the DAC in it? 
Aesthetix MIMAS
bumping this one.  I have one on order with the built in DAC.   Any other user impressions or has anyone else heard this one? 
Upgrading Integrated Amplifier - Musical Fidelity?
Creek is coming out with newer higher end gear.  They will unveil it at the Bristol Audio show coming up this week 
Peachtree Nova 300
The Nova 500 is supposed be the best thing they have ever done.  I doubt I will get it though.  I have the 300 in a second system, but I don't like it that it doesn't have a digital display and neither does the 500.  The volume nob doesn't turn so... 
Peachtree Nova 300
The Stereophile review used really old speakers with the Peachtree, it was a bad match apparently.  Why the reviewer didn't  try it with other speakers is in question.  Something must have changed because now Stereophile has it as a recommended co... 
Integrated amplifier search
Speaking of Peachtree, they just came out with a new 500 watt integrated.  It has the new ESS 9028 PRO DAC built in.  I believe the Nova 300 and 150 have the older 9018s.   
Integrated amplifier search
there is a some integrateds that are smaller with the same functionality or even more features, but the question is can anything match the Halo in sound quality or performance? I have no idea on that. I have the Creek Evolution 100A integrated wit... 
Recommend Affordable Integrated Amps (Solid State or Tube)
I second the recommendation for the Peachtree Nova 300.   The Creek Evolution 100A is also very good in your price range.  Get it with the Ruby digital add on and it will take care of all of your needs.  I haven't heard it, but a lot people also l... 
Belles Virtuoso or PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP
speaking of the Virtuoso, has anyone heard when it is coming out? 
Best sounding compact integrated amp < $2k?
The Creek Evolution 100A is hard to beat in that price range. It fits in your space and has great ergonomics, versatility, and functions.  Oh and it sounds good too.  I liked it better then the Peachtree Nova 300 in two systems I have compared the... 
Crown XLS 1502.... real life test.
I'm setting up a system for my son in his room.  Does crown have built in preamps?  do they have remote controls? 
Help with integrated amp choice
The Creek Evolution 100A is an excellent choice.  Very versatile and sounds great.