Favorite phono stage in the $500-$800 range?

I have a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum and a Music Hall mmf 5.1 with a Magic 3 cartridge. Any suggestions for a favorite $500-$800 phone stage?
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Jasmine LP 2 mkII or Dynavector P75
Having tried a bunch, I'm partial to the Lehmann Black Cube. The Musical Surroundings Phonomena ll is very nice for a softer presentation.
One more vote for Jasmine LP 2, preferably with upgraded output capacitors (Jantzen Z-caps for additional $25).
Hagerman Cornet II or III
Definitely the Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk battery powered unit. It's tiny but it sounds amazingly good. The battery will run for around 48 hours of playtime before recharging is needed (when new). I love the sound of this unit and for the money I know of no other that can touch it.

I just had my battery replaced after about 4 years of use and it sounds like new again!

Plus all the controls for gain and loading are on rotary knobs right on the front panel. So setting it up and dialing it in couldn't be easier. I uesd to own the Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena but to my ears the Nighthawk sounds better and the lithium ion battery lasts way longer.
Dynavector P-75. It's an excellent value, and low output cartridges are no problem at all. You won't have to worry about upgrading in the future.
Lehmann Blackcube SE
The Jolida JD9 mk ii is right in your price range. This is a tube-buffered phono stage with a great amount of configurability, with separate gain settings for LOMC, HOMC, and MM/MI. It also has a wide range of resistance settings for MC and capacitance settings for MM carts.

There are also some fairly inexpensive tweaks that are drop-in replacements--higher quality 12AX7/5751 tubes and better op-amps--that elevate the performance for low money and no soldering.

I used mine for 3-1/2 years and it's been really good. I only replaced it when I encountered a rare opportunity to get a MAGI Phonomena, which has been compared favorably to the Manley Steelhead.
Check out the Graham Engineering phono stages. I don't know what your cartridge MM vs MC, they make different amps for each. The price is right and I really like their sound. If you have an MM, HOMC,-Mid output cart, the Graham Amp 2 SE is killer good for about $400 new.
Heed Quasar is a little known but outstanding device. I've put it up against well known stages costing much more and it has held its own or bettered the other phono. i just bought a used Rhea which is in a different league. I kept passing on more expensive phonos as the Quasar was just so involving and enjoyable. Looks nice too.
What's wrong with the Rogues built in phono stage?
I love these kinds of questions. You now have 10 recommendations so I will add an 11th - The Simaudio Moon 110LP.

So which of the 11 are you going to choose from? Let this run a few more days and you'll get 11 more. Or you can go to your local HiFi dealer and start auditiong to find the one that works best with your equipment and sounds best to you. And read Stereo5'S post carefully. You may already have all you need.
Paraneer, I think this kind of open call for ideas is just that. Now the OP will likely read more about some of these and finish the research. Some examples might be eliminated as too costly the Quasar lists for $1200, for instance. Then like most of us we settle on something, if we regret it as not for us, then it can be resold and so on. You know the drill, we sold our soul to the internet and lost our brick and mortars.
No more platitudes or moralizing out me.
I actually have a quasar without the larger power supply that Im selling in his range so I don't see why it would be eliminated. Lots of good choices so far and like anything else they need to figure it out
If you want tubes a used Allnic H-1200 is tough to beat. I'm running a Rega P9/RB1000-AT-OC9mk2/Allnic H-1200, this set up is stellar when regarding price/performance ratio. On the SS side the Linn Linto(used) just sounds right even if it lacks flexibility.
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Definitely the Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk battery powered unit."

+1 on this suggestion. They appear used on Audiogon occasionally. Very quiet. I owned one and recently sold it to a friend who is very pleased. I upgraded to something much more expensive.

I also think using the build in stage from Rogue is a good suggestion.
Grado PH-1 in nice wooden box cost $500 new (much cheaper if you buy used). I have two in my second system for a long time, but mostly use it for MM/MI. Anyway high gain option also available to use with MC.

Also check Sound Smith phono preamps!
Consider the Vista Audio phono section. Price is below your bottom price, but it performs above your top price.
Another vote for the Jasmine. Performs way above its price point.
Thank you all for the great responses. Now I'm really confused. I originally asked this question because I was getting an audible hum in the Rogue phono stage. On further investigation, it appears to be in the Music Hall. I am working on clearing that up. Perhaps once that hum is eliminated, I'll have more time to determine whether I want a phone stage of simply enjoy the Rogue. Again, thanks for the help.
The cartridge my have a loose connection or something, but otherwise, consider taking the money you were budgeting for a phono stage and use it to get a nice cartridge upgrade. There are lots of nice cartridges in the $500-800 range.
Second the DV P-75. Buy one on the used market for $400.00 and don't look back unless you're willing to spend $999.00 for the Pro-ject Phono Box RS.
I've owned a Rogue Perseus Magnum preamp, and now have the Pharaoh integrated. I believe the onboard phono stages are very similar if not the same as your Cronos. Having also heard a number of stand alone units I think you have an excellent performer built-in already. Unless there is an issue with it (and Rogue can check that for you) hold onto the cash for something else. You have an almost identical set-up to what I had a few years ago and I can honestly say the $500-800 will get you something that sounds different, but most likely not significantly better.