Ever Used the Audioquest King Cobra?

Looking for opinions on the Audioquest King Cobra interconnect. Have you tired this cable? What kind of results did you get? Would use this between a Hovland HP-100 tube preamp and a NAD C 275BEE SS amp. Thanks.
Compared to the Diamondbacks the King Cobras present better definition/clarity of each instrument. Especially the bass lines are well defined compared to the Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks seem to throw a slightly larger sound stage.

I use the King Cobras between my sources and NAD amplification. I also replaced the pre/power amp metal jumpers with a short King Cobra. I am satisfied with the results.

I am using a NAD M3 in one system and C372 in another.
I've had three AQ ICs before - Ruby, Viper and King Cobra. Viper was more extended (highs and lows) than Ruby with better control and tighter bass while King Cobra was more refined and even slightly more extended on both ends than Viper.

Audioquest, to be competitive, moved production to China and changed cable names. Older Python became much cheaper King Cobra while Viper became Diamondback.

King Cobra is very neutral refined and airy - good cable (I had 0.5m XLR). Hope it helps.
Very good cable. I started with the viper then moved to the cardas neutral ref then to the king cobra (I prefer the king cobra to cardas) then on to Fusion Audio interlocker. In fact I kept the king cobra for my dvd. At its price point it's an excellent buy in my opinion.
I used the King Cobra for about 3 months and was not terribly impressed. Thought the midrange and low ends were a bit flat and not as clear as I would like. I bought the LAT International high end product and thought it was a big step up. Just my opinion and observation.
I use all King Cobra from source to pre amp and love them, price to performance cant be beat for what they do!
IMO, I agree with Griggs..I ran it for a short time until I had $$ , its an entry level cable @ $75 bucks new on ebay .Would only buy if money is a real issue.
Missioncoonery - Perhaps these $75 on ebay plays negative placebo effect on you? It was called Python before and costed about $400 (great reviews). I replaced it with same type (XLR) and same length (0.5m) Acoustic Zen Absolute (not too many ICs better than that) and can tell you that difference is not that big. Of course Absolute is cleaner and more refined but King Cobra has similar nice neutral balance and is a steal for what it costs IMHO.
Ya get what ya pay for(most of the time).Its an entry level cable and it sounded that way in my system..If it works for you ,great!Im happy for you..I would never recommend that cable reguardless of the price point, especially from his Hovland pre which Ive heard and like alot...Just silly, but thats my opinion
Ya get what ya pay for(most of the time).
Well... that is especially not true when it comes to the new Q Cable interconnect that I just bought. It was only $325 and it immediately took over the primary position in my system. It replaced a $3500 Purist Proteus that I thought I would never replace.
So, if your budget can cover 325, you might want to test them out on a 15 day trial.
Please give us your impressions of the Q spkr cable when you've had some time with them, and how they compare with your SR Accelerators.

How did the Q i/c specifically compare with the Purist?

The Q ic is a very good cable. I wish I had command of the audiophile vocabulary to give a more accurate description, but I will try.

First of all, I was very happy with the sound of the Proteus ic's especially with the Art Audio Carissa and the Dali Helicon 800's. I had just received one of those $49 PS1 game systems with the audiophile chip sets. This is what I was listening to when the Q's arrived.

I swapped the Q's with the Proteus. Within seconds, I heard a very noticeable difference. Much more clarity, as they say, like removing a veil. In this case, like removing about 5 veils. The low end seemed to have a lot more texture in it and I could hear that a lot more detail was present. The base was not any louder, just more detailed. I loved it.

I was listening to Annie Lenox and heard her voice very lifelike and natural. Her music has a lot of nice background vocals and they were positioned right behind her where you would expect them. The soundstage seemed deep and very well positioned. I also noticed that the highs seemed very soft or sweet for a change. I'm not sure of the correct term for that, but it might be something that another reviewer can put into the right words.
I have since purchased a Quad 67 cd player and I am just starting to compare the PS1's excellent qualities to the Quad. In this thread, I think this is another example of getting a great deal more than you pay for.
Hope this helps, and I am curious to see what others have to say about the Q's.
I will follow up up with my findings on their speaker cable as soon as I get them.
I might purchase the XLR version of King Cobra to replace my Acoustic Zen WOW's. I've had the WOW's for a few years and although it is sonically pleasing, I feel it imparts a bit of a muddier texture to the signal in comparison to other cables.
I've been using AQ XLR Diamondbacks in my system for a few years (DAC to preamp, preamp to tube amp) and they're amazing...sonically transparant and VERY well made, and the Cobras should be even better. I use an RCA King Cobra pair out of my phono preamp, and they're perfect.