Audioquest Rocket series

I would like to upgrade my speaker cables without spending a lot if it will improve the sound. I was at a dealer last week who suggested the Audioquest Rocket series 33, 44 or 88. Any opinions on these?

I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum, MH 7.1, Goldring 2400 and Energy RC10 speakers. Cheap BR player for CD's(eventually upgrade to Cambridge,Oppo or something similar).
You find relatively little on the forums about AQ Rocket series. Not a popular choice around here.

I am very pleased with my current speaker wire- AQ Rocket 88 (non-DBS), purchased from musicdirect. A definite step-up from AQ Type 4.

If you have a good local dealer, try and take some of his suggestions home to demo on your own system. Your ears (and wallet) will answer the question pretty quickly.
I went from Rocket 44 to Rocket 88 with DBS. Rcket88 gives you more detail in music and a lot more musical, staging was improved as well.