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Best lines in a song
From "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" by Roxy Music, there is a poignant description of a man's love for his inflatable doll:I bought you mail orderMy plain wrapper babyYour skin is like vinylThe perfect companionYou float in my new poolDeluxe an... 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
Emerson Lake & PalmerREOStyxs 
what was your wedding song?
"You go your way I go mine" by Bobby Zimmerman.Wait, that was what was playing during Larry King's wedding. 
Which artists' music do you buy without audition
Radiohead. Best band of the last 20 years. 
Where does your user name come from?
The last name of my cellmate and soulmate in the joint. 
In Memory of Malcolm McLaren
The Pistols were the seminal band of my youth. They said what they needed to say and then broke up. Sid Vicious did not actually play on the album, so they could have continued but had the good sense not to.PiL was terrific as well.Thanks, Malcolm... 
Ever Used the Audioquest King Cobra?
I used the King Cobra for about 3 months and was not terribly impressed. Thought the midrange and low ends were a bit flat and not as clear as I would like. I bought the LAT International high end product and thought it was a big step up. Just my ... 
End of Snell Acoustics?
McIntosh is owned by D&M Holdings, Inc., a Tokyo based company. D&M also owns Boston Acc., the aforementioned Snell, Denon, Marantz, etc. 
Reference 3A
I'm happy to consider another speaker. My search continued. I'm happy with my amp. I have a very good tubed amp in another room, but prefer my hybrid amp. 
Reference 3A
I have a very good integrated amp that has a tubed pre-amp section and a SS amp function. Per the specs., it puts out about 120 or so watts into 8 ohms. I'm not planning on upgrading the amp., but before I pull the trigger on the Grand Veenas, I w... 
Favorite Music DVD?
Second Stop Making Sense. In addition to the visual and sonic excellence, the band was at the peak creatively when made and the addition of members of Parliament Funkadelic give them a whole new sound. 
Which songs/albums take you back to college?
Dark Star 
Favorite Music DVD?
U2 -- Zooropa live in Sydney