ever been duped ordering "new" CDs on Amazon?

I can't be alone on this. I buy most of my CDs on Amazon. But about 30% of my CDs that are suppose to be NEW aren't. Granted these CDs tend to be old releases (>10 years), but the sellers advertise as new. These do not come in there original factory plastic wrap and have missing seals. Some CDs are blatantly used with scratches and finger prints on them. I've always got my money back on these supposed new CDs, but I'm a little ticked these sellers are trying to pass used goods as new.
No but I rarely buy new anymore, half the CDs I buy are for $3 or less, but I did get the wrong disc in the correct case (I bought a used CD) and when I contacted them they let me keep it and refunded my money.

I think they tried to slip it by me but no big deal for me as long as they refunded my money.
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You people are dinosaurs, modern audiophiles only buy LPs and have the digital on computers. I haven't bought a single cd for five or six years.
Shouldn't this be entitled "....on Amazon MARKETPLACE"? The title rather infers that Amazon themselves are selling used items as "new".

I have not encountered this as yet but would not be at all surprised. Don't forget that not all new CDs are sold in plastic wrappers, certainly not in the UK. Also, a customer can nowadays apply a plastic wrapper that appears to be factory fitted, so it's presence does not necessarily mean that the item is new.

If I did receiver an item that was not "as advertised" I would immediately contact Amazon. Their returns policy and my experience thereof is second to none.
I have never had this happen. I have had new cd's shipped instead of the used ones I have ordered. I probably buy 5-8 cd's per month and I have never seen this. I'd leave bad feedback. What a pain.
Also for the shipping charges it could be a nightmare at 27$ to ship 4 Cd'S into Canada. Get in touch with them and they blamed the seller and the seller blamed AMAZON. You better having and agreement with the shipping cost before ordering !!!!!
There are dinosaurs and there are sheep.
I haven't had that problem, but I've received multiple new 2-LP sets that had two of the same disc rather than one of each.
I've had different experience - bought used CDs at Amazon Marketplace but received new. Few times CD was brand new but without wrapper but couple of times I got one that was in the wrapper with seals. I tend to buy used because I rip it to Hard Disk anyway. Brand new CDs from Amazon were always brand new.
I buy +/- 50 CDs a year thru Amazon and have never had the problem (that I spotted, anyway). I choose to buy, rip, and send the original to the car, rather than download, burn, and send to the car. Not sure what kind of animal that makes me...

I buy well over 100 CDs a year from Amazon and Amazon Marketplace. Big difference guys. Amazon sells NEW CDs, Amazon Marketplace is for third party vendors. Some sell new, some sell used. I've only had 1 bad CD that was listed as "like new", but really should have been just "good". All the new CDs were wrapped and sealed.

I've had excellent luck with both Amazon and their Marketplace.

I have always considered myself a Pterodactyl...
I don't give a rusty fart what someone says, I buy CDs. I average 1.5-2 a week. The majority are from Amazon marketplace. On the rare occasion I've had an issue I've gotten a refund. My biggest gripe is when I buy multiple CDs from the same seller I have to pay the $2.98 shipping for each item. I'd be happy to pay half the shipping for each additional CD title. I just think it's penny-ante to do it at full charge for each CD.
Years ago I bought "Best of the Guess Who" from a fellow in Canada off of Ebay. He sent me an obscure single called "the Worst Mistake you Ever Made" with the note "Ha Ha". I was furious and not satisfied with merely complaining to Ebay. I had paid by check and consequently had the fellow's mailing address. You know those annoying subscription insert cards in magazines that fall out? I went to my local newstand and got about 50 of them from different publications. My Canadian friend now subscribes (for 2 years, bill me later) to Modern Bride, Jet, Snowboarding, Hustler, Archetectural Digest, etc. The only problems I have ever had with Amazon have been promptly handled. I probably buy 50 to 100 cd's from the site per year.
When I order Used CD's from the vendors on Amazon the lowest discription I go is very good. I also check feedback for things like item as described or item in excellent or like new condition.If the CD is thrashed I email the vendor and I have always received a refund.
I have bought items that were listed New and they were unwrapped but the CD was pristene,that doesn't bother me because it is new in my book.
The shipping is what bothers me,why they cannot combine them is something Amazon should clear up,is it because of their policy or the vendors. If it's the vendor then either thsy combine the shipping or I find another vendor.
One and a half a week; I do the same. I can play the one on my regular CD player but have to get the half track dac out for the .5 one. This is dedicated to my one time neighbors kid who ask me how I was doing squirrel hunting. I told him I was averaging about three and a half a hunt. He gave me a puzzled look and said "How do you shoot half a squirrel?" Pardon me, I have to go feed my pet sheepasauris.
Never a problem with amazon. Nor with amazon marketplace vendors really either, though certainly there is greater risk there depending on specific vendor I would expect.