ordering from Michael Percy Audio

I am a little unsure what to do here. Percy Audio stocks a product I would like to buy. I did e-mail him a question about it, but he has not responded in a couple of days. I am actually fine with ordering the product without the response to my question, but does one just go ahead and send in the Paypal amount and then he ships it? I know that it is a well regarded source of hard to find audio components, I guess I'm a little unsure about Paypaling some money to a site when it's not clear if there is "anybody home."

Thanks for any insights
Sometimes it takes a lil' while for him to respond, then he sends and invoice via email. A week wouldn't be unusual from my experience. First rate though.
Great guy, but sometimes slow to respond.
Don't do it. Doesn't sound first rate to me. A week to get an email returned is ridiculous. If it takes a week just to get an email how long do you think it might take to get it shipped?
Great guy, but sometimes slow to respond.

Second that.
I've been ordering parts from Michael for over 15 years, and have yet to be disappointed. He's a one man operation, and doesn't notify anyone when/if he leaves his desk for any length of time(ie: vacation/illness). I generally call (530-470-8650) if I don't get a fast enough reply via e-mail. Much of what he offers is not readily available elsewhere, and is worth being a bit patient for. Wait for him to invoice you before making a Paypal payment. He'll ship immediately after proper communication is established. Many in here seem obssessed with making comments about things(or people) with which(or whom) they've had no experience.
I used to have the same problem with Micheal Percy; he is really slow and communication with him is frustrating. Because of this, I switched over to the Parts Connection - they have a great staff and when you call them, someone actually picks up the phone and talks to you. They are in Canada and I am in Texas, but shipping is always first rate and quick.

I recently went through the same thing sending Michael an email followed up with a voice message. After several weeks he finally replied that he had been over-loaded with emails and had misplaced mine. However, Michael is honest and eventually delivers. IMO the way to handle an order with Michael is to send him a parts list with a request for a paypal invoice. Then you will know he is prepared to process your order. Chris Johnson at Parts Connexion is more responsive, but there are some items that only Michael carries.
Maybe it's time for Michael to hire some help.
Rodman999999, "Many in here seem obssessed with making comments about things(or people) with which(or whom) they've had no experience." Man, you've got that right.

We should be thankful that we have people like Michael Percy doing what they're doing. His business helps a lot of folks out in terms of providing one stop shopping for all manner of otherwise difficult to find merchandise.
Michael is slow but shure. Email him and request a paypal invoice. A wait of 5-7 days is not uncommon,but he will ship the day the invoice is paid usually.
Thanks all. I do plan on ordering from him just needed some help on process which you folks have given me. Much appreciated.

Agree Michael Percy is great. I have ordered stuff from him and would do so anytime.
I have ordered from Percy Audio several times. I don't bother contacting him each time. I simply type up a list of parts, calculate the total order with shipping and mail this with a USPS Money Order. If you pay this way, you can deduct 3% from the total. Considering that it takes 3-4 days for him to receive the order, I always get my order 4-5 days after that. Now that's good service! PartsConnexion is good too but Percy has a much more extensive inventory.
He has been excellent for me. Order & pay and he ships fairly quickly.
My experience with Michael:

Michael's one of the 'good guys' in our hobby. I've worked with Michael Percy for at least 15-16 years. Great guy with excellent integrity. Little slow sometimes but over the years he's simply gotten busier and busier. I imagine a full time staff is prohibitive if he wants to keep his pricing competitive and make a living in CA. Last time we talked he does have a part-time person helping with shipping which, believe me, can eat up a lot of time so it's good he has that. Beyond that, he's always been very helpful, has an excellent product line and all in all, Michael's a good egg.

I wouldn't hesitate ordering from him - just be prepared to be a little patient sometimes.