Easter Bunny Lays New Egg

No expensive interconnects or speaker wire! Silicone
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imagine what one weighing 500 pounds would sound like...
I would like to meet the chicken - or perhaps not:)
B-bb-bbb-brawk!!!! Operators are standing by...
Who needs those $2500 wireless speakers mentioned in another thread from today when you can get the same wireless technology for far less with these?
Yes, and oh so stylish!
I'm surprised that no one mentioned the free screen protectors!
Do they come with spikes? I wonder how they’ll sound with tubes?
I'm told from end users they compare quite favorably to Magicos and Wilsons, but I don't want any trouble here, so I'll leave it for you folks to decide.
The M&W's are over 10,000 times the price of the egg, but only you can decide if it is worth it
I think you can only get them around Easter as that is when production really kicks in.
I've just posted pictures of my new "Wall of Sound" virtual system.
IPhone $400
400 Egg Beats $4000