MHDT Havana and Eastern Electric Minimax

Has anyone heard both of these DACs at one time or another. I am still considering a DAC, and was all set on picking up a used Havana, until I was informed that adding the Havana to my de Havilland Ultraverve 3 preamp will be too much, and would produce soft bass.

The gentlemen thought that the minimax may be a better match because of its greater neutrality in comparison to the Havana.

Any thoughts?
Hawk28, I just posted on your duplicate thread. I should add that I own the Havana and depending on the tube you can tighten up the bass a lot. The comparisons I read on the Octave and EE Dac thread said the Havana was much more organic and not as strident as the EE Dac. The impression I got was that the EE Dac was more detailed but not as Analog sounding. This is just from reading, I have not heard the EE Dac.

Good Luck,