Tubes for Eastern Electric Minimax

I would like to try some different tubes in my Minimax cd player. Which tubes are going to result in a more "vinyl " like sound? Also please suggest tubes that are not too expensive and can be found.
System includes MF 3.2 integrated an dParadigm 100's.
Thanks, Ed
You might contact Bill Morningstar of Morningstar Audio Imports for tube recommendations. They are the importers for the Amplifier. His telephone number is (847) 255-1150. See his website for e-mail contact information ( ).
Try amperex 12ua7 or Mullard. This preamp is a great on to roll in and reactes very well. The unit can be upraded for 200.00 from moringstar audio as well.
Try Amperex Orange Globe dimple getters 6dj8 tubes for a very smooth, detailed vinyl sound.
I posted this a while ago:

Here are my limited thoughts on the tubes I tried:

NOS Amperex 6922 PQ Gold Pin US Version White Lettering: Most expensive and the clear winner. Clean, detailed across the spectrum, great soundstage and depth

Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 Holland White lettering. 2nd choice. Much like the above, except I found the high end a tad overpowering and distracting at times

HP (Amperex) 6DJ8 A frames Holland: 3rd choice. Too much low midrange.

NOS Valvo PCC 88: 4th choice. Not enought bass detail. Sounded a little too harsh for me after even 30 hours. According to Bill, these take a while to break-in, but are a good value.

EH 6922: These were the stock tube and I never gave them a fair listen to evaluate.