Display off- any benefit?

My preamp, CD player and DAC permit me, if I want, to shut off the LED displays on each unit. Not an uncommon feature these days. 

While I'm sure this could be equipment dependent, does anyone perceive an easily discernible difference and benefit  between display on vs off? 
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I haven’t.

Really kind of depends on what’s going on, and how well isolated those power supplies are from the audio. As I recall, this technology has come a long way. Lower power requirements, less scanning of LED ports so less digital noise to stop.

I recently read a review of a Luxman integrated, very similar to my own, which allows you to shut off the lighting to the meters (but not the needles themselves) where the reviewer (What HiFi I think) claimed they could hear a difference. I most certainly cannot.

I do find it a lot easier to relax with them off though. :)

I have the same on several components, truth be told, I think its a bit of BS.

I also now wish my preamp had balance, treble, mid and bass controls or any combo thereof. No longer buy the 'it degrades if in the signal path" BS.
My HK3770 has the function also;
Along with my Tortuga LDR300,
It allows one to set the timeout on the display.
I haven't heard even the slightest audio effect either way. 
It's a convenience option I guess.
Some think it lessons any chance of noise from the display getting into the audio.

No audio benefit from clicking off the LED display.

Ditto if the display LED bulb(s) burned out and needed to be replaced.

That feature is non-audio visual fluff.
No discernible difference here either, when using my cdp (a Magnat tube) or my big cdp (Absolute, ideon audio) or both off. Then I discovered that the Absolute has a totally separate circuit for the display. The cdp, however, doesn’t... so no big deal!
I have not been able to detect a difference but perhaps its component built dependent?