Compact amplifier/CD player w/o speakers


I am looking for a compact amplifier/CD player combination without speakers, nothing fancy, it is for background music in a large laundry room. I already have a pair of Vienna Acoustic Haydn speakers.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated,

I could be wrong but other than discount store equipment not many companies are making receivers/integrated amps with CD players anymore. The good news is you can buy the discount store combo and throw the speakers it came with in the trash and connect your loudspeakers and it will play rather nicely.

EDIT: Not sure if cheap rigs will like the low impedance low of your speaker but you can take a chance on it. 
You could check out the Naim Uniti Star.  It is an all-in-one with a CD player.  Not inexpensive at $4990 but a superb unit and will match wonderfully with those Vienna Acoustics speakers.  I literally placed an order for one this morning for a customer.  

AVM has a CS2.3 and CS5.3 on the way but they won't be available till this summer.  They will be a bit more powerful and will match extremely well with Vienna Acoustics.  The CS6.3 and CS8.3 are available now but they are $12,500 and $16K respectively.  Incredible units and AVM and Vienna Acoustics are handled by the same distributor.  

 If interested in Naim or AVM PM me.  I will be happy to help you with either.  
If you are willing to shop used NAD made a couple that may be around $200/used.

One was the 40 and the other/later was the 715 (forget the complete model #'s and the 40 was better).

Also used/high quality, but older, would be one of the Linn Classik units (various versions all named Classik).

I've been using Sharp SD-EX111 for 15+ years for casual listening, but I rarely see them for sale anymore.

The Sharp retailed for $500 and was closed out for $75.

I purchased 5 @ that point and still have one in use and one NIB (one crapped out after many years and I gifted the other 2).

If they are still in production Denon has a mini system CD/amp combo (maybe tuner - forget) for around $500. which competed well against the Yamaha Piano Black mini system years ago.

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You can hunt in used market for a good micro seperates component system, from Technics, Sony, Yamaha, Kenwood, Pioneer...
They can be found at rock bottom prices and still play nice tunes.



Forgot about the Arcam.

Another possibility that's not too long in the tooth.

Thanks chaps, very interesting. There are some great integrated amps up to $500. It'll be a difficult choice. A&R A60, Creek 4040 and 4330, NAD 3155, Audiolab 8000, Cyrus II, Naim NAIT 1 and 2 and QUAD 77. Canada is the best supplier but the great majority of Canadians do not use PP, only Interac and won't ship to the US.
Articdeth, my mistake, small library room.

Oh, one more thing. Cambridgeaudiousa is selling refurbished AXA25 for $159 and the CXC v2 CD Transport [last one] for $349 plus other models.