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Compact amplifier/CD player w/o speakers
...but made in China!!! 
Compact amplifier/CD player w/o speakers
Oh, one more thing. Cambridgeaudiousa is selling refurbished AXA25 for $159 and the CXC v2 CD Transport [last one] for $349 plus other models. 
Compact amplifier/CD player w/o speakers
Thanks chaps, very interesting. There are some great integrated amps up to $500. It'll be a difficult choice. A&R A60, Creek 4040 and 4330, NAD 3155, Audiolab 8000, Cyrus II, Naim NAIT 1 and 2 and QUAD 77. Canada is the best supplier but the g... 
Matching SUT for Benz Micro MC Gold
I had a Klyne Series Six with a MC phono stage but I sold it. Actually, I am using a Uesugi UBROS-1 preamplifier: PHONO 1 and 2 - (2mV / 47 kΩ); PHONO 3 - (6.5 mV / 47 kΩ). Not enough gain to drive a LO MC cartridge.Cheers, 
Analog Tube Audio: where is my SME 3009?
I called him this morning, he is fine and dandy, he had no excuses and  just sent him €50.40 via PP to return my tonearm and cartridge. I receive plenty of goods daily from Europe without problems, USPS also works  fine. It seems that, on this si... 
Audiosilente idler wheel versus Artisan Fidelity idler wheel for a Garraed 401
Too late for this but I purchased the idler wheel manufactured by the Classic Turntable Company, they rebuild, service and make spares for the 301 and 401 just like Audio Grail. I have been buying spares from them for a while. [Classichi-fi-shop.c... 
Valve Amplification Company (VAC) "Vintage" preamplifier MKIII: how does it sound?
Hi,It has a MM/MC phono stage included, no remote. 
Quad ESL service, Electrostatic Solutions or Quads Unlimited ?
Hi,My ESL 63s were at Picquet's shop for almost two years, it was a nightmare. He was always asking for more money. I received the speakers with parts missing. He said that the missing parts on the speakers were a result of very difficult times f... 
Better quality replacement for PEERLESS Tymphany 830669 woofers
Sorry, but I should have been more clear. I need replacement drivers for the Gradient SW-63 dipole subwoofers for QUAD ESL-63 electrostatics. Gradient used a pair of Peerless 831812 drivers per enclosure. The possible replacements - 831857 and 830... 
Dahlquist DQ-1LP crossover owners
Hi bdp24,I have just received an email from a First Watt dealer. He said that the B-4 is a two-way crossover. If you want to have three-way active crossover system, you will need two B-4’s and connect them in a cascading fashion. A “6 dB boo... 
Dahlquist DQ-1LP crossover owners
bdp24, one more question, I know about Nelson Pass but I know nothing about the First Watt B4. Can it be used with the pair of dual drivers dipoles that I want to build?Best regards,Horacio 
Dahlquist DQ-1LP crossover owners
Thanks chaps for the info about the Dahlquist. I was planning to buy one to use with a pair of Gradient W-63 OB clones using two 12" Peerless 830500 drivers per side, it is very similar to the prototype built by Sigfried Linkwitz.The problem with ... 
Aerial 10T Speaker Grills?
Sorry, but there is no frame at all, just open weave foam. 
Shipping drivers to China
Thank you. I called the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce in NY and was told that I would not be a problem. FedEx would accept it without seeing any problem either but the cost was $320. Then, I the went to another PO, no Chinese employees at t... 
McIntosh MQ101 does it work as a tone control?
I found this one by NBS Cables at the hefty sum of $25K.http://www.nbscables.com/products/univ-tone-control.html