I think its a given, that no home audio system - no matter what level and cost , ever re creates a live concert.
As audiophiles, we deprive ourselves of a sensory dimension , by eliminating the visual component.
I am finding more and more, that when  I play an  audio deficient DVD of a concert ,I get significantly more pleasure from this medium , than from audio alone.
Who, in their right mind would not want to watch Khatia Buniatishvilli playing Clare De Lune live  , rather than just an audio   ? That hair ! That mouth ! Those breasts!
The Rolling Stones at the Max - I have seen the concert at the Imax theatre -Unbelievable -Matches a live Stones concert (Very nearly)
I would like to see the likes of Tidal and Qobuz evolve and make available an audio visual streaming format , for future live concerts . 4K streaming is commonplace , so bandwidth is not an issue.
I am sure the purists will weigh in , but it is just my opinion.  
Virtual Reality would of course be the natural and ultimate progression of this medium for audiophiles and their ilk.
Interesting how more than one sense adds up for you. I know that some people also appreciate the tactile qualities of vinyl -- the feel of the records, their weight, the friction of the needle, etc. I'm not being facetious at all, here. It's just an illustration of how differently people use their senses -- or restrict them -- in creating what (for them) is the "ultimate" audio experience.
I enjoy concert videos, and video makes minor imperfections in the sound less obvious. (That’s perhaps one reason why some home-theater systems are less satisfying for audio only.)

Certainly, opera is a LOT more fun with video, especially when that includes subtitles.
OP makes a good case for why HT is a wasteland of poor sound quality: video distracts from audio.

There's a reason so many of the best listeners close their eyes, and it is easier to get lost in the music with the lights down low.
What's the big stink about sound quality?
The post is about musical enjoyment.
Exclamation point.
I am finding more and more, that when I play an audio deficient DVD of a concert ,I get significantly more pleasure from this medium , than from audio alone.

Reading comprehension. Look it up.
" audiophiles and their ilk." Nice shot, OP.

Don't hold your breath on the reading comprehension, MC.

I've always listened to my system in total darkness. Visual is a distraction to critical listening.

Here’s what I’ve always believed.

Alistair CookeAlistair Cooke quote: I prefer radio to TV because the pictures are better.

we all enjoy live concerts differently too... some close their eyes to be immersed in the music... some like to watch the performers