Changing my Ayre AX-7/CX-7 Voltage

Long story, but i bought this combo some 10 years back when i was living in the US.
When i moved to Asia a few years back, i had to run the units off a step down transformer. The units never sounded like they used to & the transformer buzzed like crazy & consumed a lot of power.

Recently decided it's time to enjoy music again & want to pull the transformer out of the equation.

Mine are J series serial numbers, which potentially have transformers that support different voltages. Does anyone have the service manual so i can get my hifi workshop to change on 220v/50hz?
Eyeball under the chassis before.
There should be either extra set of isolated leads out of power transformer or internal switch.
You can also get in touch with transformer manufacturer directly and find out which leads provide output from 220V/50Hz.
Power transformers usually have certain color leads for specific output voltage per specific input voltage
My understanding is Ayre never had components that were switchable I ran Ayre AX-7 here in the UK using a transformer for years.
Please call Ayre and ask them. Their chstomer service is excellent.