Changing termination: will it affect the sound?

I just bought a pair of Nordost Red Dawns and found that the spades are too small for my binding posts. Will there be any loss in sound quality if I use a pair of spade to banana adapters? I see that Cardas offers these, Monster cables and others....

Many thanks for any/all replies
Why don't you file out the inside of the spades a little, until you have a snug fit? Save you some time and money and one less connection.
Get WBT Toplines,it will elevate your system on another level.You can crimp them too.
You didn't say, but if you bought them from a dealer, they should send them back and have the factory fit them with larger spades. In any case, why use additional (signal degrading) hardware with such good cables? Doesn't make sense to me . . . . .
I don't know if they still do, but Nordost in the past offered retermination directly to owners.
Alas bought them here, new, so Nordost will charge $25 per. Seems nuts to spend $200....
Bare wire? Fewer links in chain. Zero cost.