CEC CD3100 CD player tray belt, puzzled indeed!

Hope somebody has a good educated guess at what the issue is here because it has baffled me so far.

I bought a CEC CD3100 belt drive cd player as non working item.

Got it and as I suspected it was the belt for the tray door, in this case it was so stretched it was just slipping on the drive capstan. A quick down and dirty fix was to cut it and tie it back together in a knot which actually worked surprisingly well and allowed me to play cds to prove it was worth going further.

Could not find anywhere the exact size of said belt so measuring the one I had  ( before I cut and knotted) and deducting approx. 15% for stretch ( figure most sites seemed to state was normal stretch), I ordered a rubber belt from eBay.

Now when this arrived it actually fit perfectly and the tray flies in and out tout suite and I thought my job was done.

Ha, if life was only that simple!

After putting the top cover back on and fitting back into the system cued up the first cd and... nothing!

It spins the cd, reads the tracks and total time but then will not play at all.

Replacing the new belt with the old knotted one and it reads and plays cds again just fine!

My best guess so far is that maybe the new belt is a little too thick ( it was the thinnest cross section one I could find but it is a fair bit thicker than the original).

Now how or why that stops it playing the actual cd I have no idea.

Which is where I hope somebody much smarter than me comes in..... please.. lol.
uber that is odd. Sure it's not a loose connection or "mute-on" issue correct? Are they both equally tight?    
Nothing I can see except change of belt.

So 2 things different with new belt.

1/ it is thicker cross section.
2/ it is tighter than old one. 

So I guess one question is, how tight is too tight?

Without knowing exact original belt specs its just educated guess work right now.
Any chance of using an o-ring a little larger (in overall Diameter) with a thinner cross section? They sell o-rings in many different sizes. It's what I've used on my turntable for years. FWIW, the softer ones sound better.  
sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best!

Never even thought of an o-ring, that is a great idea.
Just bought  a pair of ebay and will see how they perform, certainly thinner at 0.8mm.
A whole $3.25 so no big deal if no improvement.

Thank you
Surprised you went on ebay.  Should it not fit do you have one of the hardware stores with a million boxes different items?  Besides in the million boxes, there are usually a whole another selection in plumbing.

Unfortunately in the big city, (lol), stores like Home Despot and Lowe's have put all the little mom and pop hardware stores out of business.

Our Ace hardware closed about 7 years ago and when I asked at our Home Despot if they had a selection of o-rings  you would have thought I was asking for cocaine by the look on his face!

So it is what it is.....
Have you considered having Origin Live the turntable company make you a belt to your specifications?
Not really.
As I do not know the exact size and specifications of the original belt that would be very difficult.

One thing for sure the original belt is a lot softer and more stretchy than anything I have tried so far.

However that also could be old age impacting its properties as well.

For now the down and dirty fix of original belt is still working!
Uber, I have that player. If I'm not mistaken, the transport has a magnetic locking mechanism that firmly holds the CD against the spindle. The magnetic locking is actuated when the tray closes and pushes it. Check if with the problematic belt, the tray is moving back to the correct person when closed.

You are correct.

With the now two problem belts I think I may have it figured out.

The "problem belts I have are a little tighter than the original, a lot stiffer, less stretchy if you will.

This is I believe stopping the tray to go completely back into position.

So to fix it I really would need to know the exact specs of the original belt to order exactly the right size but even then the rubber composition could be totally different.

Lets hope my original knotted belt holds up for a while!

Have you seen these: https://www.ebay.com/i/332646910294?chn=ps
It’s for a cd-3300R but might be compatible.

Also, this person might have what you need: https://marrscommunications.com/
(it looks like this link may no longer work or be valid: it did when I first linked it)

And you can buy a bunch of belts and see if one fits or contact them for a specific size: https://www.amazon.com/GoldenTrading-Cassette-Machine-Recorder-Maintenance/dp/B01CZSU6K8/ref=pd_cp_23_3?pd_rd_w=y7lfj&pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&pf_rd_r=R4TG834WFWVGZS0QQD1W&pd_rd_r=287ee72d-5bee-11e9-8963-117ccf44e055&pd_rd_wg=IkYR9&pd_rd_i=B01CZSU6K8&psc=1&refRID=R4TG834WFWVGZS0QQD1W

Good luck and all the best,
uber, FWIW "Parker" is probably the largest manufacturer of o-rings in the world. If what you get doesn't work out it may be worth a google to find a size that will. Good luck!
Yep been through all of those and a few more...lol.

I considered the goody bag of 50 or more belts as well.

But finally tonight I got her done!

A hairband.

Yup a 10c hair band from my daughter's stash has just the right amount of give to work.

Funny old world!
They were some great links btw, I did not come across the marrs one.

A couple of other good places for belts are....


Dalbani Corporation on eBay.

Quite a selection between them.


keep me posted on the C.E.C. player- are you going to mate it with the Ayre EX-8? Happy Listening!

Yes this CEC has really brought my CD to life again played through the EX8, it is a stunning combo.It is by far the best that CD has ever sounded to my ears with any configuration of equipment I have ever owned.
The kicker is that right now you can buy mint CD for $1 or less from most thrift shops, hard to go wrong!
Absolutely! this is a wonderful time to purchase CD/SACD discs.Keep us posted as the C.E.C. is massaged / matched to the EX-8 into your system.

Happy Listening!

I actually placed the Myrtle wooden blocks that came with the EX8 under the C.E.C instead as I already had Herbies footers and lampblack balls for the amp that made a tremendous difference on the old Ayre ax7e.

Now I just need a little more time to evaluate the difference

And I will also be placing "The Gate " into my electrical breaker box Saturday so exciting times indeed ahead!

I had been trying to follow the "wood for vibration control" thread but as per normal when a certain somebody gets involved it just turns into a peeing contest of which there is no return.

Shame as it started out promising.
Recently, I read a nice take on the CEC TL5 and to it's less expensive than the cheapest Jay's Audio CDT. Something to consider for those in the market for a CDT.

All the best,
The new CEC are still a great deal even if you have to buy one direct from Japan and if I was in the market for a brand new spinner it would likely be at the top of my shopping list!
But for what I paid for mine considering the final fix cost zero cents I am very happy indeed!
Hi uberwaltz, love your transport fix.  Earlier on I was going to ask you if you could just contact CEC for a new belt.  But then I figured it was like buying a car part, you cannot buy a lot of components separate from a full assembly.
Thx Jetter.

Tbh I did not even think of emailing the manufacturer, not sure why!
But it is all good for now.
Pity you cut the belt, I've great success with stretched belts by shrinking them. Boiling hot water for 5mins then quickly throwing them into ice water.

Cheers George

A good tip for the future though George.
Or for anybody else with a similar problem.

Thank you


how is the C.E.C. settling into your system? Synergy with the EX-8 ?

Happy Listening!


The C.E.C is performing well above expectations tbh.

Just last night I was listening to a Joe Cocker ultimate collection CD, Not one you would be noted to expect great sq from.

But it truly shone and held my attention deeply.

Very happy indeed.


Excellent news! Keep updating this thread on discs that perform well via the C.E.C.

Happy Listening!


how is the Ayre / C.E.C. developing?  Hope your Summer is going well and filled with much music.

Happy Listening!

I cannot explain and do not have time to investigate.  After reading your post and my cec cd3100 also has the belt problem, I divided to try with few sizes of rubber bands.  I notice that it would not read if rubber band is tight.  I just swapped out for the next larger size until it reads.  See if that would help you.  My player works fine now.
I too am looking for a replacement belt for a CEC 3300.  Audio Union wants $100 for the belt.  No can doozy.  If anyone has any new info on sourcing please let me know.  I have a family member in Japan so I'm trying to find a local dealer in Osaka that can get the belt but motivating my family member to help is proven to be most difficult.