Yes indeed : Parker, Carter, Hodges together

I just got through listening to the new box set:The Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions on Verve. If your a jazz buff or someone just getting into the music you will experience great pleasure with the music on this six CD box set. Recorded in the early fifties, with very good sonics that don't get in the way of the music, each jam contains an uptempo be-bop number, a blues, and an extended ballads number. The package which includes the original artwork, a very well written booklet, and a classy box retails for $60.00, well worth the price of admission. Each CD is a true delight, but just think about the first jam that has Charlie Parker, Benny Carter, and Johnny Hodges sharing licks on an extended ballad marathon! So, if you know someone who loves jazz this would be a wonderful holiday gift or just treat yourself to this music feast. I consider this along with the Monk/Coltrane release, as one of the best jazz albums of the year.
Thanks for the heads up. I remember a battle of the bands recording I heard once from 1949 that had "Fats" Navarro and Bird playing together. It was unreal. The first jam that you mention reminds me of my experience hearing the Fats/Bird recording. It was years ago, when I was just getting into jazz. It blew my mind.

Anyway, thanks. I'll be asking Santa for the box set ...