Can these speakers handle Neil Young's Le Noise?

G'day all,
I am a brand new member to Audiogon and look forward to your experienced and knowledgable comments.
I have recently purchased parasound jc1 monblocs and jc2 preamp, and Leema Antila II cd.
I managed to melt both my treble units listening to Mr Young last week.
I'd like to preview some of the best speakers think Magico II minis; Focal la scalas; Logan clx anniversary or ??? around 30K new or second hand.
Can you guys help me shortlist the best marriage here for a lifelike sound with acoustic, R&B, jazz, and all forms of rock into a mid to large room of (30'x 20').
Many thanks for any help you can provide.
there is a pair of tidal contriva diacera-se speakers on audiogon ..used for $34000...if you budget can go up a little these are absolutely superb and your equiptment will easily drive them...
If you really want to boogie in a large room, you might want to consider and have access to the Classic Audio Reproductions line, you might want to give their T-1 a listen. If you fried the tweeters on your old speakers, you were probably driving the amp into clipping. The much higher efficiency of the Classic Audio line will require relatively little power to reach live spls, which in turn is likely to keep your amp from clipping. I've heard them in very large rooms at shows (maybe 40 x 40 or bigger) w amps that will deliver have much lower output than the JC-1s (of course they WERE tube watts). They sound fantastic and can reach very high spls.

Another possibility to consider would be a line-source speaker. They do not drop off as rapidly in volume w distance as a point source speaker. Pipedreams, Dali Megalines (maybe more of a quasi line-source) or Audience comes to mind.

Remember when trying to extrapolate from someone else's results, that a 30 x 30 room has almost 3x the volume of a 20 x 15 room. Maybe more if your large room has higher than normal ceilings.
If your thinking Focal Nova Utopias I would say absolutley but SS amps don't do them justice. Mono Block BAT amps sounded incredible the last time I heard them paired. For a more practical answer consider Wilson Audio speakers but again I am not sure if the Parasound Halos are a good match. I have blown the inverted dome tweeter on my speakers (Focal) which are the same or similar to Wilson's Tweeters. The Sasha and the Sophias are under 30K I think. There are usually a couple of bigger older models from Wilson for sale, they may play loud enough for you.
Interesting responses thanks all - I'm happy with my cd and amps and frankly I find tubes too cosseting (but very good), I think I will research tidals, wilsons are just too ugly to my wife, and there was no clipping from where I sat just scanspeaks getting a toasting due to Mission speaker peccadilos!
Consider horns you will not reach the limits on a horn based loudspeaker like you will a dynamic based design.
Forgot treble. The la noise 2 channel blu ray disc has the most ridiculous amount of bass on any disc I own. I guess it is harder to blow up a JL113 sub than a tweeter though.

If you are in the market for a 30K speaker and listen to a lot of acoustic music, you could consider the Verity Audio Sarastro. My smaller Parsifals work magic in a smaller (13 x 20) room. There are two pairs listed at the moment. Not the type of speaker you buy without listening first though. will not reach the limits on a horn based loudspeaker like you will a dynamic based design.

Agreed, which is why I suggested the Classic Audio Reproductions. Its the only horn that I have listened to recently.
Horns are the solution but sure poster will go dynamic and keep having issues. Like another dynamic tweeter of hi quality will not blow. Well its good for the industry. Keep buying.
Agree with the Classic Audio Reproductions speakers, but not as a particularly good match for the JC-1s unfortunately (I'm somewhat familiar with both, and with speaker/amplifier matching issues).

Faugello62, assuming you don't want to change amplifiers, my suggestion is that you take a look at the designs of Earl Geddes, here. His speakers work well with solid state amps, will play extremely loud and clean, and in your price range custom finishes are quite feasible. I used to assemble speakers for Earl, so am quite familiar with his approach and borrow heavily from it in my own work.

Several years ago I listened to Earl's system at SPLs so loud you had to shout to the person next to you, but the music was still so smooth that it did not hurt your ears. I have only had that happen once before, and that other system cost over $110,000.00. Earl's system will do it for about half your budget, not counting custom finishes.

Duke LeJeune
I just saw a pretty amazing speaker demo on youtube. Go over to youtube and type in JTR growler duo & triple 8 top. make sure you watch the cool ending. I think those speakers will do the job and for a bit less money as well.