Noise Harvester vs Noise destroyer:opinions?

Is there any difference between two?One is by PS Audio ($85) and the other one is made in Germany by Hi-Fi Tuning and cost $250.They both seem to be walwart passive filters.Hi-Fi Tuning had an impressive demo at the CES and supposedly you need only one.PS Audio wants you to buy several Noise Harvesters saying that the more units you plug in,the better the sound.I would like to know if anybody tried both and which one came out on top.
One German Destroyer had a bigger impact in my living room system than 2 PS harvesters. My home theater system has plate isolation transformers and torroid isolation transformers so I don't see/hear much benefit with either device. What I like about the PS Harvester is the indication light which lets you know when there is noise in the line to remind me to turn off noise generating devices elsewhere in my home. My vote goes to the German Destroyer but there are better and more expensive solutions out there
Ditto Somec59's comments. I have 5 PS Audio Noise Harvesters and 1 Noise Destroyer. I have to aggree that the Noise Destroyer had a more noticeable sonic impact than just 1 or 2 of the PS Audio units alone, but together they all work very well.
I also use a Quantum Symphony PRO EMF stabilizer. I have all of these items plugged in upstream from my PS Audio P1000 ac regenerator. All of my gear is plugged into the regenerator in Sinewave mode. Results are awesome!
More thoughts...I loaned the 2 Noise Harvesters to a friend and he couldn't hear any difference. Also, the Noise Harvesters have a very bright annoying blinking light when they're "working" which makes them unsuitable in a darkened HT so I ended up wrapping them with tape