Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Noise issue driving me nuts!

I have a problem with my Turntable humming ONLY when the stylus is on the album. As the volume goes up, the hum is more noticeable. Once I lift the stylus, it’s quiet as a church mouse.

ive tried new cables, verifying the grounding, setting the table ona block ...nothing. I don’t think it’s a grounding issue so I’m at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas?

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What cartridge are you using? 
..sounds like a Grado picking up transformer noise under platter......
Regardless of which cartridge you are using, the Project Carbon comes with a metal platter and the problem is due to interaction between the metal platter and your cartridge. If grounding does not help, you can try disconnecting the ground pin-either the blue or green, but this is not a good fix, just diagnostic. The next step would be to replace the cartridge after consulting with Pro-Ject or spending $120 on Pro-Ject's interchangeable acrylic platter upgrade. Historically, chances are good your problem is a Grado cartridge. 

Just my opinion....

If the cartridge is ONLY picking up noise when the stylus is in contact with the table, then logic seems to be that the noise is coming from table vibration.  Something is in contact with the plinth or bearing that is humming.  

Look around for the culprit.  Maybe the table itself needs more isolation.  Maybe something is resting against the table that is causing the noise.    Try placing it on some paperback books to see of the noise is originating from your shelf.  If you have any Vibrapod pucks, place them under the feet of the table.

If the noise is unchanged, them check to see of the motor is adequately isolated from the plinth. 

I agree that the problem might be from the cartridge itself, but lets try to isolate the table before spending more money on a different cartridge.

Those might be a couple of starting points you could easily try.  

Just my opinion.  Take it for what it's worth.
My dealer has one of these on permanent display/use in his shop. I once remember firmly gripping the arm’s finger lift, with the platter spinning, and actually feeling a very faint vibration that would probably cause hum noise once the stylus gets sandwiched between the vibrating headshell on one side, and firm platter/record on the order side.

Other users of this table have complained about poor isolation between motor and plinth being a culprit for this. I believe you should be able to tweak things to mitigate the vibration bleed. Later production models may have addressed this? Either way, I’m not a fan of these tables.
With the motor off (platter not rotating), upon setting the stylus on a record, does it still hum?
Thanks everyone for the info!

I just was able to read through all these responses. 

Im using the Ortofon 2m Red, and I’ve already gotten rid of that metal platter and went to the acrylic with a cork mat.

and it’s ONLY when the stylus is on the album. 

Thanks again! 
Does it hum when motor is off and stylus is on an album? You sure VTF is correct?
I have a Music Hall MMF 2.2 that did the same thing. I tried everything I could think of, then one day I tightened the 2 motor mount screws back down into the plinth and low and behold the hum was gone and never returned. I was picking up a 60hz hum from the motor to the platter. Put back the red packing screws and see if it helps you.