Tonearm Noise

Hi. I am curious if anyone can tell me if it's normal to hear a loud noise when lowering or lifting the tonearm. The sound my tonearm makes is similar to a mike being tapped or dragged, however, once the stylus hits the record its very quiet. Do I need to apply lubricant or oil to it to reduce friction, I've read somewhere here that doing so will create more problems because oil or lube will attract dust. if it helps my TT is a Nottingham Interspace Jr with a Interspace arm. Thanks.
Is this noise from the tonearm itself or through the speakers?

I never raise or lower my toneram unless the "mute" is on or the volume control is all the way down.
Thanks for your response Mofi. It's coming through the speakers. I turn down the volume now but I didn't really have to before. I forgot to mentiion eralier that sometimes I can hear the whir of the platter specially on a 180 gram record. I added a capful of oil from NAS to the spindle and cleaned the entire table and tonearm which improved things a little.
Does it happen at both the inner and outer groove when you lift/lower the tonearm? If so, at the same level?

My thinking is that the cartridge or arm is picking up some kind of EMI or RFI maybe from the motor or improper grounding of the internal tonearm wiring. Maybe just try moving the interconnects around or try a different grounding location.
I can hear a microphone type of noise from my ADC LMF carbon fiber tone arm. Has a "wood" type of sound if you tap it sharply or move it up and down within its rest clamp. You need high gains in the phono pre-amp to hear it though. With an AT 150MLX mounted, I hear this at pre-amp gains of 55-60 dB, far above the normal gains used for listening. This arm is undamped.
i think your problem is more likely grounding issue . also check all the headshell wires to make sure they are tight fit to the cartridge pins.
Mofi, it happens at both inner and outer groove. I've tried moving the interconnects. I have a Pioneer Pl-A45D and I don't experience the same thing. I did change the cartridge clips to JA Michell premiums before I packed the Nott when I moved to a new place.
Yes, you will hear a noise in your speakers if you tap on your tone arm. It is like a microphone! You cartridge is a transducer and very sensitive to vibrations. It turns mechanical vibrations recorded in the groove into an electrical signal. Even very tiny vibrations. If it didn't make noise through your speakers when tapped on the arm I would suspect a dead cartridge. DUH.
John, I don't tap my tonearm. Like I said when I move the arm a sound comes through the speakers it didn't do this before. I'm handle the arm very gently and as you know NAS arms don't have finger lifts so I have to hold the shaft when to operate the table. Also, there there is no sound when my finger touches the shaft. its just when I move the whole arm that the noise becomes audible.
**I did change the cartridge clips to JA Michell premiums before I packed the Nott when I moved to a new place.**

Who soldered those clips? Maybe a ground came loose or something like that. Hopefully it's not inside the arm. Perhaps you should start with the most obvious suspect.