cables for GUITARISTS from audio companys

i was wondering are there any musicians amongst us who know of any cable companys that make cables and speaker wire and power cords for guitars and amps..
maybe you made the cables your self using kimber ect::??
i looked at MIT but heard some half n half news on them....
any help would be good help
Audience, a California company, makes a superb line of high resolution guitar/musical instrument cable called the Conductor which I carry. Price is $149.00 for a 12 foot length.

Don Kenney
Monster Cable makes ProLink and StudioLink cables listed under ProAudio on their web site. They have interconnects (balanced and unbalanced), microphone cables and instrument cables (guitar, keyboard, etc). They even have guitar cables specialized for rock, jazz, or bass. Don't know about their quality/performance, however.
I was thinking of making a guitar and mic cable from Homegrown Audio super silver which can be bought by the foot. The only diffrence between a guitar cable and an unbalanced interconnect is the connectors. Most cable companies will sell their wire by the foot unterminated. I made a run of interconnect that goes from my mixer to my amps and it made big improvment.

we carry the Carver Pro line of cables and they have a complete line for insterments and the music proffession in general .. thre cables are high quality and sound grat and resonablly priced... chck them out on our showcase on audiogon or at
any questions please get in touch ...

good listening
Quest For Sound
Modern Audio Design (MAD)is a small manufacturer that offers guitar cables. I purchased ICs from them and we had a few telephone conversations. They offered to send me a guitar cable for tryout, but I guess they forgot and I just never followed up on it. Check them out at
Hi Joolz:

Both MIT and AudioQuest make a viable, practical instument, speaker and power cable. I've tested both in the store and loaned them to many musicians with positive results and feedback. Harmonic Technology is working on a line of cables for us as well. The so-so feedback you're receiving about the MIT's is regarding live performances. Most all of our electric guitar players said they thought the cable stripped something from their sound while they were playing, but raved about how much was transferred to the board during recording. Acoustic players and bassist's complained about this far less often. At first the AQ's were excellent sounding but microphonic, which rendered them useless for live performances. This problem has long since been corrected and their cables are as good as their recordings would seem to dictate. Every amp we've run with upgraded power cords has also sounded better, but as you know this is subjective as well. You really need to demo a few and see what you think in much the same manner as you would consider any cable for your stereo. Our musicians seemed as passionate about their opinions as our audiophiles. I thought this was a good thing!!!

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to persue this further.

Tara Labs also has a line.
Check out . They are a music cable maker who also makes audio cables. Have been pretty well viewed by Soundstage reviewers and Wes Phillips (Soundstage/Stereophile) was using them for a while.
Check out the MC-1 by Modern Audio Design.
I found out in the late 70's NOTHING will make a guitar or amp sound better than the player.

Cables? I read in a Guitar player mag SRV was partial to some cheap,probably made in China cable for his tone. It was his hands and heart(and volume knob)that made the tone more than anything.

Nordost is even in the instrument cable thing.
Analysis Plus makes some mighty nice stuff, including more secure jacks:
Just read about Audio Envy and how the Captain got his start in cable production.  Then contact them...
I use the Monster Cable ProLink Performer 500 cables...have tried a number of other cables...from Boss, Dimarzio, Belden etc...none are up to the level of the Monsters. BTW, I do think the cable quality makes quite a nice difference in the tonality of the instrument...just like changing tubes, picks, amps, speakers, etc., 
I would like to try the Analysis Plus cables...their stuff is generally very good.