Bulk cables: Oyaide vs Furutech

Due to system reconfig, I need very long >25ft power cords to continue using dedicated outlets. I am looking into making long PC with either 10awg Oyaide or 10G Furutech. Any experience with these?

Oyaide offers PCOCC vs furutech has "alpha" process. Which sounds better?
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I would drop Chris VenHaus at VH Audio an e-mail. Great advice, selection and service.
I would also consider Neotech bulk AC cable.
I am using 3 factory cables from Oyaide and they are very good, I suspect the Furutech is as well. In my experience there is no method to tell in advance which will sound better in your system, assuming the same quality level. I would try to borrow some of both if possible.
AC terminations can also affect the sound of the DIY power cables.

The initial suggestion to contact VHAudio is a good one. Discuss the best choices for what you want to accomplish with your longer PC. He carries most of the best terminations as well as Oyaide and Neotech bulk cable. Don't know if he carries Furutech bulk cable.

Another excellent source for DIY cable supplies is Sonic Craft. I know they carry Neotech and Furutech bulk AC cable as well as most high quality AC terminations.
Hi Glai, I have used Furutech High End Performance series bulk wires with great results (PCs, ICs, speaker wires), until I later migrated to Furutech Flux, and more recently to Shunyata King Cobra CX. The Furutech High End Perf have easily exceeded the already impressive sonic/musical performance of the Furutech Evo II that I have reviewed on PFO issue 45:
Which in turn, I have easily preferred over none other than Nordost Odin for their relaxed resolution and musicality.

Furutech High End Performance bulk wires are IMO wonderful price performers. Can you do better? . . . Sure, but you may need to adopt some reasonably exotic wires. . , like Furutech PowerFlux, or IMO even more desirable, Shunyata King Cobra CX for example.

The wires can be custom cut, and even terminated directly by the importer:

Elite Audio Video Distribution
P.O. Box 93896
Los Angeles, CA 90093
Phone: (323) 466-9694, x.22
email address:
web address:

Unfortunately, as I have not tried the Oyaide wires, I can't provide even the vaguest of comparative opinions. What I recommend though, is that you do not worry too much about the respective technologies, but you try out both wires. You never know what you might like better.
I would recommend Furutech FP-Alpha-3, Acrolink 6N-P4030 or Neotech NEP-3001 for amps.

The Furutech FP-Alpha-3 is a 12awg, 49 strands, OCC, Alpha [cryogenic and magnetic] treated, unshielded cable, available from Partsconnexion.

The Acrolink 6N-P4030 is 10awg "purity stress free" stranded 6-nines copper, also unshielded, and is cryogenically treated by VH Audio.

The Neotech NEP-3001 utilizes 10awg individual UPOCC conductors for hot, neutral, and ground, and an aluminum/mylar shield and is available at VH Audio.

For source components, I would recommend a shielded cable such as Furutech FP-3T, Neotech NEP-3003, or Oyaide Tunami.

The Furutech FP-3TS20 is a 14 awg, 56 strands, OCC, Alpha [cryogenic and magnetic] treated, and shielded cable, available from Partsconnexion. The FP-3TS762 is a larger 10awg version with bundled fine wire strands (this larger cable has won more awards according to their website).

The Neotech NEP-3003 utilizes 13awg individual UPOCC conductors for hot, neutral, and ground, as well as a tinned OFC copper braided shield (but no treatment). This is available at VH Audio.

The Oyaide Tunami utilizes a 5.5 sq. mm (slightly bigger than 10awg) PCOCC conductor core and 3 layer shielding. This is available at VH Audio.

If you want to push the limits, get the Neotech NEP-1001; Neotech's top-of-the-line 9.5awg power cable made with pure OCC SILVER conductors and a tinned OFHC braided shield with drain wire. The price at VH Audio is $999.99 per meter.

Personally, I highly recommend the Furutech FI-25 series plugs and IEC's, which are made from OCC copper and Alpha treated, but many also swear by Oyaide and I have a couple of those in my system also.

In my situation, I would probably use the Acrolink 6N-P4030 on my amps (if I didn't already have Isoclean cords) and the Furutech FP-3TS762 on my source components.

As you can see, there are many great choices for making highly competitive PC's out of bulk cable and top quality connectors.
I have used the Acrolink 6N-P4030, can make a very nice PC depending on terminations. For DIY, a very easy cable to work with.

I am currently using Neotech NEP-3001 and NEP-3002 PCs in my system. Have also tried NEP-3003. For DIY NEP-3001 is a bit tough to work with while the NEP-3002 and NEP-3003 are easier. IMO: If it matters, 3002 and 3003 are better shielded than 3001.

If you can find the Neotech NEP-3200 bulk cable, it's also an excellent power cable. More solid core than stranded as the others mentioned and teflon insulated. Probably better suited for amps.
Isn't there a way to re run dedicated lines close to the new configuration set up? Wouldn't that be cheaper and better? Just a thought.
I have Acrolink 4030, a bit gimmicky (plastic) sounding in the midrange but good bass so I'm using it on Velodyne subwoofer.
Supra Lorad is great and only $12 a meter.
regardless the cable you buy.....terminate it with Oyiaide 004 plugs..simply amazing!
Oyaide 004 are very fine terminations, no doubt about it, but may not be the best choice for every system.
I guess you're already done with this project. I hope you didn't run several power cables individually to your components. I would recommend buying one large gauge cable and a distribution box instead. Could the dedicated lines be extended? (romex or even conduit and THHN is much cheaper).