Now that the FURUTECH DeMAG LP DEMAGNETIZER has been out for a few years I would like to hear from users if they still believe it is the real deal?Also buyers who have sold or boxed away because they don't hear any difference?
Thanks Stump
I have owned a DeMag for over 4 years now and find it a necessary piece of audio gear especially if you vacuum clean your vinyl. I don't care who's machine you use, vacuum cleaning will create a static charge on the vinyl surface. The DeMag does a great job of eliminating this. It is a lot easier and faster to use than the Zero Stat (which I do own) and I think it does a much better job at eliminating static. Your albums will sound better because you will not have the snaps or pops that were caused from static build up on the vinyl.

Just playing your albums can create static charge on your vinyl. Have you ever played an album and went to flip it over to the other side and it sounded like velcro as you removed it from the platter? Treating the platter before you play the album will eliminate or greatly reduce this.

Static, vinyl and a phono cartridge are not a good combination. Eliminate or reduce the static charge will make your music sound better.
Wonderful unit makes LPs very quiet,better stage depth and width.Would not be without it.
We are talking about the DeMag unit, right? Furutech also makes a product that removes static. I think that is called the DeStat.

I use the Zerostat for static and a bulk tape eraser for demagnifying an LP because both are cheaper than the Furutech products.

I agree with everything Benjie wrote, but I think he is describing the DeStat not the DeMag. I have heard Ebm's system and he owns both Furutech products - lucky guy.
Great unit. I use it every time I play a record or CD. You cannot make a mistake using it. With a hand held magnet you can turn it on or off at the wrong time and defeat the purpose. I used a hand held magnet for years and will never go back to one.
It brings out detail that I did not know was on the recording.
I got mine as a Xmas present a few years ago.
And yes it will also take the static off the record or CD.
It is expensive but well worth it once you use it.
I have Furutech Destat fan which works very well and better than Zerostat as far as ease of use is concerned. Although static is not much of a problem where I live in general.

EBM, since you have both Demag ad Destat, do you notice much difference between the two units?

Over here, Acoustic Revive also has something similar and price roughly the same. It does look different but I was told it is the same OEM product internally just the outside parts that look different!
Thanks for the feedback.Just to clarify Benjie!Are you saying the DEMAG demagnetize LPs and also removes Static?
The Destat only removes Static.
A dealer told me the Demag he has sold did not get great feedback and recommended I buy the Destat 2.

I am sorry I answered for the wrong product. I was talking about the Furutech DeStat and your question was for the DeMag. I do also own the Furutech DeMag. It is a wonderful product. The DeMag demagnetizes the vinyl which relaxes the vinyl so that more information can be read from the vinyl groove. You will hear more detail from your records, they will be quieter and the sound stage will become wider. This is something that can be easily demonstrated. Play a track from an album, take it off and Demag the album. Play the same track and you will be surprised at the difference in sound! I also own the Walker Talisman which does the same thing. The DeMag works much better and is a lot easier to use.

To be clear, the DeMag will NOT remove static from vinyl. These a 2 totally different products and address 2 separate problems with vinyl albums. I never listen to an album without treating them with the Demag and the Destat.

The DeMag is expensive but in my opinion worth the price. Once you hear what it does to the sound of your vinyl you will never want to listen to an album without first treating it with the DeMag. The DeMag rarely comes up for sale used. People who buy it and hang on to it, because it works! If you find one used, buy it!
Stump, the dealer is just trying to make a sale. The DeMag and the Destat are 2 totally different products that do 2 totally different things to vinyl and CD's.

The question you need to ask yourself is do you want to remove static from your media or increased the richness of sound from you media? Neither product will do both!

As for the Destat 2, save your money and buy the Destat 1. You can find the Destat 1 for about $100 cheaper than the Destat 2. The original Destat is easier to hold and does the exact same job as the Destat 2. The spec are the same.
Benjie, Can't say I agree with you.

I used to have static problems before I started using RCM's, first the Nitty Gritty with Pure2 solution and now the Hannl.

No static :-)

1stump - Do you have a RCM?
Hey Downunder
I use the Nitty Gritty and use 2x round for cleaning and 2x round for vacuum.I don't have a big issue with static but as I am going high end with vinyl every bit helps..
Thanks Benjie
That clears up the DeMag and Destat.Good to hear the positive opinion of the DeMag.The dealer was just answering my questions honestly and happy to sell either or both products.You must have quite a ritual to go through when playing your Vinyl.All part of the enjoyment I say...
Stump, it really isn't that bad. It takes about 15 seconds a side for the DeMag, then place the album on the turntable, start it up and then use the Destat for 10 seconds before dropping the tonearm down onto the vinyl. Sit down and enjoy!
Benjie, I was under the impression that one only has to demagnatize the LP once or perhaps a couple of times a year. I think Fremer writes this in his review in Stereophile.

But I noticed that Ebm uses both each time he listens just like Benjie does. Do you find that the demag effects wear off after time?
Peterayer, excellent question. Just like you I was under the impression that Lps only needed to be treated once with the DeMag. I also read a few articles and reviews that stated the effects of the DeMag were permanent. A few months after I purchased the DeMag I noticed that the LPs that I had treated with the DeMag did not sound as good as they did when I first treated them with the DeMag. I contacted Music Direct (that is who I purchased my DeMag from) and asked if the DeMag was working properly, maybe it was broken. They could not answer my questions so the put me in touch with the US imported of Furutech products. I spoke with the head tech who has amazing knowledge about these products. He explained to me the effects of the DeMag are NOT permanent and Furutech highly recommends that the Lp be treated before each play. I also brought up the fact that there a articles and reviews on the internet that state just the opposite. He asked me to let him know where I had read this information because he needed to contact the authors of these articles and reviews and explain to them that this information was false. Scott (the tech for Furutech) told me that Furutech prides itself in putting out accurate information about its products. Scott spent about 1/2 hr on the phone with me discussing the workings of the DeMag and the Destat. I learned a lot about these products and am glad I can share this knowledge with other Audigon members.
Thank you Benjie. That is most interesting and unfortunately not what I wanted to learn. I don't really want to have to use my hand held bulk tape eraser for each play and certainly not near my system. What a pain. Perhaps its time to consider the Furutech devices.
It should be pointed out technique is critical when using the handheld demag devices as it is very easy to put the magnetic charge back on the disc if the button is released when the demag is too close to the disc. There is also the distance of the device from the disc to consider, 1/2 inch most likely too close. I suspect a minimum of one inch is correct. I also suspect demag of both sides of a disc might be a little excessive.
That is the nice thing about the Furutech DeMag, you can't do it wrong. Just place the LP or CD on top of the DeMag and push the start button. When the green light goes out, it is demagnetized.
I bought the Destat II static charger.It is easy to use and does the job its made to do on vinyl.Better to use then the Zerostat Antistatic Gun.Is it worth $400??I will let you know if it is working in 15 years time.Other wise I am happy with the purchase.
As for the FURUTECH DeMAG I will put on hold till a used one comes up!
Thanks Stump
After following this posting I bought the Destat II. It took care of the static problems that I had.
My problem was that after playing an LP it was very difficult to remove the LP from the record mat due to a large static build up. I have an Oracle Delphi Mk 2 with the Oracle mat.
I just started using the Destat II yesterday. After I was done listening to an LP, I gave the LP a 10 sec Destat, the LP came right off the mat now with no problems.
It also improved the sound quality of the LP.
It is expensive, but it took care of my problem.
I also own the DeMag.