DIY speaker cables Furutech Fa-a (alpha) or Neotech NES-3002

Has anyone done comparisons with the Furutech Fa alpha cable to the Neotech NES-3002 or any other worthwhile experiments?   
Goose, you probably mean Furutech FS-alpha, which is a 12awg fine stranded OCC twisted pair and Neotech NES-3002, which is a twisted pair of multiple strands of individually insulated solid core OCC wire in PP insulation, with an aggregate size of 9awg, and similar in construction to Harmonic Technology Pro 11+.  The Furutech wire has been demagnetized and cryogenic treated.

I would characterize the comparison as a classic solid-core vs. stranded sound. The NES-3002 is probably going to have big bass and the FS-alpha is likely to sound a little more relaxed overall. Both are musical. It comes down to personal preference and what mates best with your amps and speakers.