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Synergistic Research XOT Carbon Crossover Transducers
I'm trying XOT carbon now, just a few hours of burn in. I wonder what kind of improvement to expect after 70-200 hours?  
Bookshelf speaker for an apartment
books for a bookshelf  :) 
Synergistic Research Cable Risers?
SR tells us the risers are directional and to avoid sag in the cables. Makes sense for SR to tell us to avoid sag as it forces you to purchase more risers. This is very true.  
Synergistic orange fuses
At this moment in time I actually prefer the cheap glass fuses that came with the amps as they seem to give a lifelike presentation, as opposed to the synergistic research - Which seem to muddle things with, dare I say, too much body’, and not e... 
The Synergistic Research Orange Fuse ... Further thoughts.
Overall ... the new Orange fuse is a real winner in my system. Highly recommended. Frank Frank, oregonpapa was evaluating Orange prototype fuse for Ted Denney (Synergistic Research). His hype "testimony" is just advertizing material, very pat... 
Synergistic Research Orange Fuses
Frank, oregonpapa was "testing", evaluating Orange prototype fuse for Ted Denney (Synergistic Research). His "testimony" is just advertizing material, . We know, there "no free lunch". I bet, he didn’t pay for the "prototype" Orange fuses. I have ... 
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
Translation: Frank your evaluation is good enough for Ted Denney, but not for me. I’m jealous. Why doesn’t Ted care what I think? Why do people listen to you and not me? I’d like to hear from people who say its crap.Thank you for your profound tr... 
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
Frank, you were involved in evaluation process of the prototype SR Orange. This reduces credibility of your statements but thanks for admitting your participation.  I'd like to hear about the Orange from other persons, unbiased, less euphoric..  
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
jkuc ... I have the SR Orange fuses throughout the system at this point. Love 'em. Ok. Thanks Frank.  
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
Papa, what fuses are you using now? You were advertizing some prototype fuses, much better then SR Blue. Is it Orange or the other "prototype" fuse?  
Which of these power cords ?
Where are Lessloss C-Marc ? They are much better then any cable on your list.  
New to audio. Is there a good DAC that can produce layers of sound?
The best DAC in this case would be the proper setup of your speakers in the room.Believe me. I was asking the same question years ago. 
The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance
I second  kudelka8.I use full loom of Lithuanian cables as well. I strongly recommend you try them. The name is Lessloss. Best price/performance ratio. 
Pass Labs or Devialet
Pass, of course.I've heard Devialet on a few occasions and never really liked the sound. Actually it sounds pretty bad.  
Cryoset online store - what happened?
I placed the order on 28 Oct 2019. Got a return email, the sender : Ron Sheldon, with order number....   Strange, scary..