Acoustic Revive's RD-3 compare to Furutech's RD-2

Has any one owned these two disc demagnetizers and experience any different?

I have the RD-2, just like to see if it is worth while to upgrade to the RD-3. Thanks.
I own the rd-3,never owned 2.There is a coherency to the disc that is better...but ive yet to fall off my chair hearing dramatic improvements.My freind had the rd-2 and recommended it.So its been a worthwile tweek however.I first spray with optrix then demagnitize.Clean,clean sounds man.I in my opinion cant see what they could have upgraded on that better spent elsewhere?I will say that i would'nt do without one though!
Is the RD-3 an upgrade !? I don't think so. The big one certainly is. Compared them A/B and the big Demag is much better and more practical.

Note: two separate ( identical) discs were demaged on both sides. One disc on the RD3 and the other on the Demag. It was done only once on both machines.
But what if you demag a disc 4 times on the RD3? If you demag it more times in a row it's also better !!