PS Audio cables vs Acoustic Zen?

Has anyone had a chance to compare these 2 companies' cables? I'm considering PS Audio's Statement Speaker Xstreams and their Statement Audio Xstreams interconnects, vs. Acoustic Zen's Silver Ref II interconnect and their Satori Shotgun speaker cable. I'm using a Krell amp and preamp, Esoteric DV-50, and B&W N801s. Thanks for any input.
I also have a Krell amp (200c)and preamp (krc-3).I got very good results with Acoustic Zen however,my system improved much more with Pure Note i.c.'s and power cables.I also have B&W 804n speakers with double runs of satori speaker cable.Works Great!!!!!
PS audio x-stream statement speaker cable is some of the best I have ever heard, the interconnects I was not fond of.
A friend and I had chance a to hear the Sonoran Plateau vs the Zen. My friend purchased the Sonoran. Later added the Plateau speaker cable as well..
Haven't heard AZ, but Have the Plus PSA and like better than Tice 416A and Nordost Blue REV II, Red Dawn and others not worth mentioning.. Agree ICs are ok, but not as dramatic as speaker.Good at price.