Vienna Acoustics Mozart or B&W 804

Well it looks like the upgrade bug has hit me. I currently own a pair of Vienna Acoustics Bach. Overall I am very pleased with them. Not much to complain but... the audiobug has bit and I am thinking about moving up.

My two choices are the Vienna Acoustics Mozart or the B&W Nautilus 804.

Any opinions on these two? I can get the 804 close to the price of the Mozart. These are the largest speakers that would fit my room dimensions. My current setup is the following.

Congrad Johnson Sonographe SA 400
Conrad Johnson PV 10A
Yamaha CDC 575.

Has anyone upgraded from the Bach to the Mozart? Is it big jump in the overall sound quality? I would appreciate any opinions.


Personally, I feel the B&Ws are superior (more open and dynamic) to the Mozarts. However, the (I assume you mean Natulis 804) have a very distinct sygnature in which doesn't please everyone. Thus, In would highly recomend that you take some time to get aquanted with a pair at your dealer.

Happy Listening,

You are comparing apples to oranges here. Mozarts are great speakers as the 804's are. I have the Beethovans and Bachs. I had the Mozarts for about 1 month and upgraded to the Beethovans. Is there anyway you can do an in home demo?
Personally I prefer Mozart. I've tried both but for one reason Vienna put's more life into music. It's a matter of taste ... and depends buy the music you listen too...